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Winter Weddings Abroad

A winter wedding abroad may not be as popular as a summer one, but when you think of how many options there are to make your day as romantic as possible, you may be persuaded!

Winter tends to be the low season in the wedding industry, so, apart from anything else, you may be able to get a bargain wedding for a fraction of the price you might in the summer. However, low season also means that some wedding planners don't take winter bookings and some resorts may be closed for maintenance, so your wedding abroad options could be slightly more limited than in high season.

One beautiful choice for a winter wedding is a ceremony in a snowy location, usually a mountain resort where you can exchange vows inside, nip outside for some spectacular photos in the snow with the mountains behind you framing the shots, and then celebrate with your guests in a chalet or mountain lodge in front of a roaring fire. Many European countries can accommodate such a wedding, take a look at Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France for some great locations, or consider Scandinavia for a stylish snowy ceremony. Alternatively, Canada is another great choice for a snow wedding, the Rocky Mountains with their turquoise lakes and soaring peaks make a fabulous winter wedding setting, or how about incorporating a French-theme into your snow ceremony and get married in the eastern Canadian province of Quebec?

If a snow wedding isn't your dream, but you'd still like to get married in the winter, then think about countries such as Turkey or Spain where the weather stays warmer longer than at home. You could marry in October or March further south and still have a sunny and warm wedding day without the risk of overheating and looking red in your wedding photos. Turkey has some bargain wedding offers available in off season, including in sumptuous palaces, and you're more likely to find a venue or planner in Spain with a gap in their diary in the low season.

Remember too that winter may be low season in many countries, but in areas such as the Caribbean it's actually high season, as the weather is drier than in the summer months. If you're planning a wedding here then November to March is perfect, but not cheap (which may be ideal if you're planning on eloping!)

It's the same in South East Asia, where it's warm year-round, but less rainy November to March, which makes it peak season for visitors. A wedding at this time of year in Thailand or Cambodia is a good option if you'd like to escape the cold at home and enjoy a beach wedding abroad instead. Resorts here are all open at this time of year, and getting married on the beach followed by a relaxing honeymoon in a gorgeous hotel could be just what you're dreaming of in January.

For those with an adventurous spirit, you could even consider going down south, and having your wedding abroad in the southern hemisphere. November to March is summer in Argentina, and it's now much easier to get married there even if you aren't resident. Whether you plump for a city wedding in the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires, or decide to embrace the Argentine way of life and have your wedding at a ranch with a BBQ reception afterwards, this enchanting country makes an unusual winter wedding abroad destination.

As you can see, a winter wedding abroad has many variations. It's now up to you to decide which one is right for you!