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Getting Married Abroad: Tips and Articles to Help You Decide Where!

It can be really difficult to choose where to get married as there are so many wonderful places around the world where you can tie the knot. So, we've put together a selection of articles about different countries to inspire you in your decision. We add new articles on a regular basis, so if you're undecided on where in the world would make a good choice for you, then check back here and maybe you'll find just the place you're looking for!

California Wedding Ideas

Some top tips here from Pink Palms about what to think about when getting married in California more

Christmas Weddings Abroad

Getting married at Christmas is a romantic option, here we pick 6 Christmas wedding destination choices to inspire you more

Interview: Lapland Planner Ruth

Wedding planner Ruth explains why getting married in a snow chapel is such a cool idea for your wedding abroad more

Interview: Iceland Planner Hannes

Iceland is an unusual, but spectacular choice for a wedding abroad. Hannes shares his thoughts on why it's such a great choice more

Interview: Turkey Planner Hayal

Almost guaranteed good weather during wedding season, Hayal shares why Turkey makes a fabulous wedding destination more

Interview: Jamaica Planner Jeanette

Such a popular wedding destination, Jeanette explains what to look out for when planning your wedding in Jamaica more

Interview: Sicily Planner Valentina

Valentina explains why Sicily is such a wonderful, and little known, destination for a wedding abroad more

How to Choose a Wedding Planner or Venue Abroad

What you need to think about when deciding on your wedding planner or venue abroad. more

Interview: New York Planner Claire

Claire specialises in weddings in Central Park New York, a fabulous location, where she got married herself! more

Interview: Spain Planner Melissa

Wedding planner Melissa shares her thoughts on why it's so good to marry on the Costa del Sol, Spain more

Small Intimate Weddings Abroad

Top tips for your small wedding abroad, and a selection of our wedding providers who can help you arrange a small wedding more

Interview: Portugal Planner Patricia

We asked wedding planner Patricia about the Algarve in southern Portugal more

Top 5 Visited Countries in the World

Here's our round up of the top 5 visited destinations in the world more

Interview: Gibraltar Planner Chamaine

Wedding planner Chamaine explains where the best places to get married in Gibraltar are. more

Interview: Dubrovnik Planner Renata

Wedding planner Renata tells us why Dubrovnik is such a wonderful location to get married abroad. more

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

We all like a bargain, so here are some good ways to save money on your wedding, wherever you're having it. more

Weddings Abroad, Where to Start?

Navigating the complexity of choice for a wedding abroad can be difficult, so here are some ideas on where to start your planning more

Home or Abroad?

So you're engaged! Now comes the most difficult bit, deciding where to get married! Here are a few ideas to help you decide home or abroad more

Wedding Abroad FAQs

Here's our list of top questions about getting married abroad. If we've missed something off then let us know! more

Wedding Abroad Hints and Tips

When's the best time to book your wedding, how to get a discount on travel and when a wedding abroad is "free". more

Why Get Married in Austria?

Top tips why Austria makes a great wedding abroad destination, from late nights to getting married anhywhere! more.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Renewal of vows ceremonies are becoming more and more popular these days, see why many couples and celebrities renew their vows abroad here more.

Certificate of No Impediment

How to obtain a CNI and other paperwork requirements to get married abroad. more.

World Wedding Weather

Where in the world is it best to marry at what time of year? We show you how to avoid hurricanes and typhoons more

Hotel/Resort Weddings

Which countries are best for a hotel or resort wedding abroad, and what types of venues are available. We discuss some great options here more.

Civil Weddings

A civil wedding is a ceremony which can take place in all countries, but if you'd like to know the details of why, read on more.

How To Organise A Wedding Abroad

What are the best ways of organising your wedding abroad? We share the top 3 ways you can do it more.

Legal Age of Marriage Around the World

What age is is legal to get married in different countries around the world? more

Garden Weddings

Getting married outside is a fabulous wedding abroad choice, and there are plenty of countries in the world where you can do such a thing, have a look here more.

Tips to Elope Abroad

If you'd just like to jet off and get married just the two of you, then take a look at our tips on what to do to be able to elope in different countries more

Wedding Abroad Checklist

What do you need to do to plan your wedding abroad? We have a handy checklist here to help you plan the best day of your life! more.

Lake Weddings

Dreaming of getting married beside a beautiful lake and celebrating at a private villa afterwards? Then we have some fabulous country choices here, just take a look. more.

World Wedding Traditions

See where in the world it's unlucky to get married on a Sunday, or which country the bride bathes in milk. more.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are as varied as they are unique, here are some excellent choices if you're struggling to decide where's the best beach location for your perfect ceremony. more.

Winter Weddings

If you love winter and are dreaming of a wedding in the off season then look no further for some great inspiration for your winter nuptials. more.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

Tips to make your wedding abroad eco-friendly and save money at the same time. more.

Top 10 Myths About Getting Married Abroad

Take a look at our top 10 myths and see if we can put your mind at more

Chateaux Weddings

Dreaming of a fairytale chateau wedding? There are more countries which offer chateaux and castle wedding ceremonies than you may think, take a look here and see if any appeal to you! more.

50 Reasons to Get Married Abroad

50 great reasons why you should take the plunge and get married abroad, some funny, some serious, they'll help you decide where to marry more

Interview: South Africa Planner Fiona

We interview Fiona Gordon from Intriguing Africa and ask what's her favourite type of wedding ceremony and what's the most unusual ceremony type she can organise. more.

Weddings in Berlin, Germany

Now a vibrant, modern city with plenty of gorgeous locations in which to marry, Berlin often comes top of the cool places in Europe list, so what better place for a wedding! more.

Weddings in Bahamas

The Bahamas stretch from close to Florida all the way to the Turks and Caicos islands, so there's definitely an island here to suit your wedding more

Canada: Rocky Mountains

You may not have thought of Canada for a destination wedding, but if you're looking for a wedding location with plenty of stunning scenery, crystal clear more

Western Canada

Explore the delights of western Canada for your wedding or honeymoon and be amazed by the spectacular scenery and friendly locals. more

Top 10 Reasons to Marry in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Still searching for that ideal wedding location? Then how about Dubrovnik, Croatia? This beautiful city is an excellent more

Top Wedding Castles in the Czech Republic

Be a princess for a day and marry in a real castle, here are our top choices of wedding castles in the Czech Republic.... read more

Weddings in France: Bordeaux

France is the most visited country in the world for good reason. Its varied landscapes and world-renowned food and drink draw millions of visitors every year more

Weddings in Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are ideal if you're looking for a tropical wedding but with western standards. The main islands, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii mix tropical ambiance more

Weddings in Italy: Dolomites

The area of Cortina D'Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites makes a stunning location to marry. Nestled in a mountain valley the area is perfect for a ceremony at altitude more

Top 10 Reasons to Get Married in Italy

Not sure where to marry in Italy? Then take a look at our quick fix guide to why Italy is the perfect wedding destination, from leaning towers to sparkling lakes, it's all more

Weddings in Portugal

Portugal boasts many stunning palaces and historical venues, a multitude of national parks filled with the joys of nature, world renowned gastronomy, and beautifully deserted more

Six Tips for Getting Married in Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia, Spain makes a beautiful wedding destination, see what you should know before you choose to more

Switzerland, Lucerne

If you've ever wanted to marry in the mountains then think about getting married in Switzerland. Caroline Bishop discovers a Swiss mountain that makes perfect marriage material more

Pampering yourself in Thailand

Sleeping in a bedroom surrounded by water is unnerving. The gentle splash of the water against the glass walled bedroom made me more
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