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Weddings in St Lucia

One of the most well known Caribbean islands, St Lucia is a popular wedding destination due to its classic tropical beauty including the majestic Piton peaks on the southwest coast of the island, welcoming locals and wide selection of resorts and independent hotels.

The tropical rainforests that cover the interior are home to colourful wildlife, whereas the multitude of golden sandy beaches make beautiful wedding locations with stunning tropical backdrops. read more

This island blends influences from Europe, Africa and Asia together to create a unique St Lucian vibe and weddings can be everything from sophisticated to laid back, from luxury to low cost. If you'd like a high end ceremony at a five star resort then St Lucia can oblige, but it's also possible to rock up on the beach and exchange vows before celebrating at a local music festival or bar!

As it's very easy to get married in St Lucia, you can be Mr and Mrs within 24 hours of arrival if that's what you'd like (just make sure you bring all the paperwork with you!). As you can see, romance is alive and kicking in St Lucia – what better place to cement your love?!

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