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Weddings in Portugal

Portugal is a fascinating country in which to get married abroad as its mild climate, picturesque towns and villages and spectacular coastline give you a plethora of choices for your ceremony location.

Along the south coast the well known Algarve is full of pretty wedding locations, resorts and is easy to get to, which explains why it's one of the top wedding destinations in Portugal.

The capital city Lisbon is another fabulous wedding choice - set on a series of hills overlooking the sea, a Lisbon wedding is chic with plenty of music and amazing seafood. In fact, anywhere along the Portuguese coast you'll find platters of fresh fish straight from the sea – just perfect for your wedding reception.

Apart from the food, Portugal is also famous for its fortified wine, port, which is perfect served ice cold in the summer, and again, ideal to serve your guests at your reception.

You may be dreaming of getting married in a picturesque church by the sea, or perhaps you'd like a beach wedding with a reception at a luxury hotel, or maybe hiring a villa is more your thing - having your wedding under a gazebo with the sun kissing your shoulders and then partying the night away surrounded by your guests?

Whatever type of ceremony you choose, weddings in Portugal are a guaranteed blast, so what's stopping you getting married there?!

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1. Douro

This beautiful valley is famous for producing wine and sherry, so it's ideal if your wedding reception requires local wine!

UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage Site, so you can be sure it's a picturesque location where you'll find a wide range of quintas (country estates) and stunning views of the vines.

The historic and pretty town of Porto is the main gateway to this area, and makes a wonderful honeymoon destination in its own right with lots of bars, restaurants and excellent cuisine.

This entire area is exquisitely pretty, with rolling hills covered in vineyards either side of the Douro river which winds its way through the valley. Traditionally boats were used to move the sherry and wine out of the valley, and nowadays you can float down the river yourself if you so wish - perhaps an option for a pre-reception cocktail or two?!

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2. Porto

Gateway to the Douro Valley, the magical city of Porto has a medieval centre with charming streets meandering between the banks of the river.

If you're thinking of getting married here in town then there are plenty of gorgeous public gardens to choose from where you could have an outdoor ceremony, along with many churches and no end of hotels of all styles.

Porto is also well known for its gastronomy, so if you'd like to combine your wedding with a honeymoon filled with food and rink then this is definitely the right place.

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3. Sintra

Not far from Lisbon is the fairytale town of Sintra. Filled with beautiful villas, the town has long been a royal retreat from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon and is home to several intricately decorated palaces and a ruined castle.

Sintra really does make a truly unique wedding location with its charming pastel (and brightly) coloured buildings, sumptuous gardens and view over the Atlantic. Surrounded by forests, the town is elevated so it's cooler than in Lisbon, so ideal if you don't want to sweat buckets on your wedding day!

You can also get to some pretty stunning beaches here too, and there's also a mysterious-looking lake if you'd like some unusual wedding photos.

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4. Cascais

Just south of Sintra and west of Lisbon is another charming town, Cascais. More of a traditional fishing village than Sintra, it's right on the coast so there are plenty of whitewashed houses and little boats bobbing about in the marina - all of which would make a lovely wedding photo backdrop!

Cascais has plenty of top end wedding venues (including ornate villas and luxury yachts), along with some great food and drink and some brilliant views along the coastline.

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5. Algarve

Last but by no means least, the Algarve is probably the most well known of all regions of Portugal, and for good reason.

With plenty of busy (and secluded) beaches, a plethora of hotels and venues to suit any budget, and almost guaranteed good weather, this is one of the top wedding destinations in the country.

Flying in to Faro puts you right in the heart of the Algarve, so it's easy to pop over from the UK or elsewhere in Europe to find a location for your wedding, and also to make visits while you plan the day. You could easily go for a long weekend and meet several wedding planners and venues before deciding on the right one for your big day.

So for a wedding with flair, choose Sicily!