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Weddings in Japan

Japan may not be one of the first countries you think of for your wedding abroad, but the combination of tradition, heritage and beautiful landscapes make this eastern country perfect for those looking to get married abroad in a country like no other.

Wedding ceremonies in Japan are not legally binding (once you submit your paperwork you are then married, no ceremony required), so, unless you are resident in Japan, you will have to legally marry at home. But this just means you can have your ceremony anywhere you like – how about high up on a mountain while hiking in the mountains, in a traditional Japanese garden surrounded by carefully tended plants and flowers, or perhaps you'd like to marry in a pagoda overlooking a tranquil lake?

Whether you choose to get married in springtime when the cherry blossom is out, summer when it's clear and warm, autumn when the leaves turn and fall, or choose a winter wedding in the snow - Japan has a season to suit every wedding ceremony.

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Cuore Wedding

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Location: Tokyo
Business Type: Wedding Planning
Contact: Cuore Wedding

Get Married in Japan!
Enjoy the beauty of Asia with a destination wedding in a unique venue with your Family and Friends!
Cuore Wedding will create an original wedding in Japan tailored specifically for you - traditional Japanese or Western. We want to create an unforgettable Big Day together with you by caring every single detail.
Let Cuore Wedding showcase the beauty of Japan for you in an unforgettable location with a 360-degree view!

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Kyoto Weddings

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Location: Kyoto
Business Type: Wedding Planners
Contact: Eric Luong

Bridal elegance in an authentic Japanese setting – a traditional wedding ceremony in Kyoto at one of the city’s beautifully tranquil shrines and temples is an unforgettable experience. At Kyoto Weddings, all of this is now accessible to international couples.

We are the only wedding planning service exclusively serving international guests. We can customize your experience to suit your needs, whether it’s a lavish Shinto shrine wedding in gorgeous bridal kimono or a private ceremony at a Zen temple. We can also arrange honeymoon experiences such as exclusive dinners with geisha or kimono photography plans to celebrate an anniversary.

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