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Weddings in Italy

Weddings in Italy, the Land of love, are popular for very good reason. Italy is famous for romance, just think, you could get married in elegant Rome with its wide boulevards, ancient buildings and stylish atmosphere? There are plenty of incredible wedding destinations in this beautiful country – from classy hotels to rustic villas overlooking the hills outside the city, and everything in between.

Maybe you'd prefer to get married in the countryside around Florence? The city itself is incredible and remains a centre of art, as it has been since the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo – perfect if you'd like an Italy wedding with artistic flair!

Each region in Italy has a fabulous range of romantic settings for a wedding abroad. Below is a small selection of some of the regions you could choose from, and our professional wedding planners in those regions can help with all the wedding arrangements if you'd like some help.

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1. Venice

Getting married in Venice is so romantic that even George and Amal Clooney got married there! Such a unique city, Venice has many locations where you can exchange vows, from luxurious hotels and palaces, to smaller, more intimate venues. The Grand Canal is the main attraction, but even if you don't choose a venue overlooking the canal, any venue in Venice is magical.

The many islands dotted around the lagoon also make an excellent choice for a wedding. You can ensure privacy on an island whilst enjoying a magnificent view of Venice itself, including Piazza San Marco and the famous cathedral.

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2. Tuscany

One of the most famous regions of Italy, Tuscany is well known for its rolling hills and lines of tall Cypress trees shadowing the winding roads as they meander through the countryside.

The largest city in Tuscany, Florence is filled with iconic architecture and Renaissance artwork - you can climb the Duomo, see Michaelangelo's statue of David as well as wander the city soaking up the atmosphere in the pretty streets and over the medieval Ponte Vecchio.

Tuscany's many other charming towns dot the region and make a fab way to honeymoon here, perhaps by doing a wine tour of the many local vineyards?! Choosing to marry in Tuscany is a wonderful idea, and easily done as there are many local wedding providers who can help.

castel sant angelo rome

3. Rome

With thousands of years' of history to build on, Rome is one of the most magical capital cities in the world. From the famous Roman ruins of the Forum, Pantheon and Collosseum, to picturesque piazzas, bustling cafes, and a plethora of restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice on many fronts here.

Choosing to have a Roman Wedding is simple, the difficult part is deciding which venue is the right one for you. Wedding planners in Rome can suggest so many wonderful locations that it may well be difficult to pick just one!

If you love history, art, charm and beauty then marry in Rome - you won't be disappointed.

amalfi coast italy at sunset

4. Amalfi Coast

You'll recognise the Amalfi Coast from the many films and TV shows it's featured in, and no wonder, as it's such a stunning coastline with pastel coloured buildings, sparkling bays, tumbling cliffs and iconic islands.

Getting married here is an excellent choice, whether you decide on a secluded venue overlooking the bay, marrying on a quiet island or perhaps you'd prefer a ceremony in one of the lovely villages dotted along the coast?

There are plenty of wedding planners here who can help you decide which venue is right for you.

sicily view from amalta church

5. Sicily

Sicily is an island full of history, having been part of many different cultures over the millennia. As a wedding destination it's a beautiful choice, especially if you fancy marrying beneath ancient ruins and temples, or equally if you're a fan of volcanoes (Mount Etna is not dormant) or the sea.

Sicily's rugged coastline makes a change from some of the more manicured regions of mainland Italy, and the island has so many idyllic bays and locations that there's a great choice for a seaside wedding.

So for a wedding with flair, choose Sicily!