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Weddings in Ireland

Getting married in Ireland makes a fantastic choice – just think, you could harness its storytelling history and ancient myths and legends to weave a special story for your wedding day.

Ireland's famous countryside really does make an amazing wedding backdrop, although, since the weather is also famously unreliable, don't set your heart on a sunny wedding day! read more

The west coast is stunning with craggy bays and the deep blue Atlantic sea crashing onto the shore. Winding roads cross the country and lead to the most amazing views and hidden gems. If you're looking for a wedding destination filled with wild romance, then you can't go far wrong here.

There's a good choice of castle/hotels and grand houses in Ireland, many of which offer weddings, so whether you choose one close to a town or city, or one in the middle of nowhere, you can be sure you'll have a friendly wedding day with plenty of “craic”.

However, if a stately home wedding is not what you're looking for, then there are plenty of modern hotels and venues in Dublin or other towns which could accommodate you. After all, Dublin is well known for partying – you may as well join in!

Luckily it's quite simple to get married in Ireland these days, as the law changed a few years ago so non-residents could marry here, so make the most of this and choose to get married in Ireland - our wedding venues below would definitely recommend it.

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