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Weddings in Florida

If you like the idea of getting married abroad in order to have good weather on your wedding day, then how about a Florida wedding? Known as the Sunshine State, you're almost guaranteed a warm and sunny wedding day there.

 It's one of the easiest places in the world to get married and often couples tie the knot a couple of days after arriving, although it is possible to do so on the same day as you arrive, as long as you get to the courthouse early enough to get your marriage licence! read more

Florida wedding packages are really flexible, and many couples enjoy marrying in a flower-filled garden, in a resort or amusement park, or, most popular of all, on the beach. There are miles of sandy beaches in this state so you're almost bound to be able to find a secluded beach where you can exchange vows in privacy. Ask your wedding planner for some great beach ideas.

Popular Florida wedding destinations include; the Orlando area for a certain entertainment park, Miami for a glamorous city ceremony or the Florida Keys for a chilled out ceremony. But there are numerous fabulous locations available, you're limited only by your budget and imagination!

With miles of sandy beaches, a tropical climate and friendly locals, you can't go far wrong with choosing Florida for your wedding abroad. Take a look below to find wedding providers who can help your Florida wedding dreams come true.

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