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Weddings in Prague & Czech Republic

The popularity of Prague and the Czech Republic as a wedding destination is no accident. With its beauty and charm the country enchants visitors, from the many fairy tale castles dotted around the countryside, to Prague's cobbled streets and famous Charles Bridge, the Czech Republic makes a fantastic wedding location. read more

There are plenty of wedding choices here – how about getting married in a palace or castle? Many have been restored to their former glory and often have a small chapel in the grounds as well if that's what you're looking for. Some castles are large and can accommodate large parties, while others are smaller and don't necessarily provide wedding accommodation but can be used as a glamorous ceremony and reception location. Perfect for those dreaming spires and turrets in your wedding photos!

Alternatively, how about a city wedding in ancient Prague? Its cobbled streets, Gothic architecture and modern welcome make it a really romantic wedding destination. Prague castle overlooks the town from its hillside promontory and can be seen from most of the city, which gives it an enchanted air, especially at night. Winding streets lead into the old town where there are many bars and restaurants able to cater for your wedding if you choose to marry here, perhaps in the spectacular Old Town Hall with its unique clock and pared down interior?

Other options include getting married at one of the many luxury hotels here which mix ancient facades with modern interiors and have amazing views over the city from their party deck roofs.

From fairy princess weddings to stylish city ceremonies, you can't go wrong with Prague and the Czech Republic!

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Location: Prague
Business Type: Wedding Planner
Contact: Vladimir Mazepin

We are the go-to destination wedding planner based in Prague for couples who want to marry, elope or renew vows in the Czech Republic.
Requirements for a civil marriage are straightforward with an easy to follow process for documentation.
Planning a wedding from the other side of the world can be challenging. On a daily basis we communicate with the registry offices and venues to provide you with detailed guidance, be it documents preparation or venue/wedding professional selection.
From an elopement or vow renewal with only the two of you, to a wedding reception with up to 200 guests we can organize your celebration in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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