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Weddings in Canada

Canada is such a spectacular country for a wedding abroad that it can be difficult to decide where to get married, so here are some great reasons why you should choose Canada for your wedding abroad.

Choice of location. There are a lot more picturesque locations here than many countries, mainly because Canada is the second largest country on earth. From soaring snow-covered mountains to secluded islets surrounded by wildlife on the west coast, to tumbling waterfalls and hidden log cabins in the east, there are so many romantic wedding locations in Canada that you may need some help to decide on just one! read more

It's easy to legally get married in Canada. Each province has slightly different rules, but you don't have to be resident to exchange vows here. It's also pretty flexible as to where you can exchange vows (residents can even marry in their own homes if they wish to), and same sex marriage has also been legal for a long time in many provinces (Canada was one of the first countries to legalise it).

Weddings outside. You can get married outside in Canada, which is not possible in many countries. How about exchanging vows on a boat trip to Niagara Falls? Or marrying in the forest under a canopy of trees? Or maybe you'd prefer to marry up a mountain in the snow in front of a turquoise-blue lake? You could have a beach wedding on the West Coast with the mountains behind you, or perhaps you'd prefer to marry in one of the pretty coves on the East Coast? Simply put, think up your dream wedding location and then see if Canada has such a place - they probably do!

A bit of Je ne sais quoi? Have your wedding abroad in French-speaking Canada and give your ceremony a bit of Gallic flair. French Canada has a culture all of its own with some of the oldest buildings in Canada - giving this province a more European air than the rest of the country. Montreal and Quebec have some gorgeous wedding locations, including spectacular ski resorts and chateaux, and this is one of the only places in the world where you can have a French-style wedding without being resident (France has residency requirements).

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We searched long and hard to find unusual venues, fun destinations, and romantic getaway places. Whether sparkling white in the snow, gloriously golden in the fall or sun kissed in summer, they all represent Canada at its best. Each venue is committed to providing you with a detail perfect wedding to create a magical memory. So whether there is just the two of you, a small intimate group or a larger party, Maple Leaf Weddings has THE location for you.
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