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Weddings in Asia, Australasia and the Pacific

Getting married in an Asian country can be an experience you'll never forget! The scenery is spectacular, people very welcoming and generally it's an excellent choice if you'd like to get married abroad.

Sri Lanka is very popular for weddings abroad, as it's quite straight forward to get married on this tear drop shaped island, and the wedding industry has plenty of experience. Many couples choose to have a beach wedding in the south of the country, arrive on an elephant and then have a celebration with their friends and family in the resort they're staying at. This makes a good, and affordable wedding, with an exotic air!

Another fascinating country in which to exchange vows is India. It may not be possible for non-residents to marry legally there, but the array of palaces, forts, temples and just generally glamorous wedding venues is unmatched elsewhere. We definitely recommend it for a sumptuous wedding and celebration choice.

Thailand is one of the most popular Asian choices for a wedding abroad, for good reason, as it has a strong wedding industry, with plenty of stunning locations available. These are mainly based around beach weddings on one of the many islands off the coast, but now the industry is also moving towards offering ceremonies in the north of the country where you can exchange vows on top of a mountain and then go on a trekking honeymoon. You can legally marry in Thailand too, which always helps!

Cambodia and Vietnam are another two countries which are growing in popularity for weddings abroad, particularly with couples who are already travelling in those countries, perhaps as part of a round the world trip. Unfortunately, getting legally married here is quite difficult, so we recommend you do the legal part at home, but that doesn't stop you having an wonderful ceremony in either country, just the way you want it. Local couples in Cambodia often go to the ancient city, Angkor Wat, to have their photos taken after the ceremony, which you could also do. Also, as the ceremony isn't legally binding you can exchange vows wherever you like, which gives you a much wider choice of location.

In Vietnam you could marry in spectacular Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it's so striking. Or you could have an early morning wedding by the lake in Hanoi as the sun rises, or maybe you'd like to marry in the mountains to the north in a Hilltribe village?

Even further east, Japan is another mystical country to marry in. Again, it's not really possible to do so legally unless you live there, but that doesn't stop you having your ceremony in a temple, park or even a tea house if you so wish.

If Asia is not your wedding dream, then how about further south in Australia or New Zealand? These countries are very easy to marry legally in, and the wedding industry is very strong with some excellent vendors and locations.

In Australia it's the celebrants who are licenced to marry couples, not the venue. So this means that you can get married literally anywhere you like. As long as you have a licenced celebrant holding the ceremony then just choose a location and get married! On top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, on a yacht in Sydney harbour, in the desert by Uluru/Ayers Rock, on the beach in the Whitsundays, on a boat over the Great Barrier Reef, in someone's back garden.....the choices are endless!

New Zealand is equally easy to get married in, and is particularly good if you are a fan of the great outdoors. The North Island has the pretty Bay of Islands with some fantastic wedding locations, or bustling Auckland for a city wedding. Mountains, geysers, bungee jumping, underwater – all are options for your wedding location. The most difficult part is deciding where!

The Pacific islands are another great choice – these are classic tropical wedding destinations, and are fully geared up for wedding couples, both for the ceremony itself and also for your honeymoon.

A short flight north of New Zealand, Fiji is where antipodeans go on holiday, and it's full of luxury resorts, white sands, clear blue seas, and excellent opportunities for diving. There are many islands here which you can choose for your wedding – some more luxurious than others, and all offer a fabulous wedding experience. It's simple to get married legally here too.

Tahiti is another island chain where honeymooners enjoy solitude, but what about it as a wedding destination? Unfortunately, because Tahiti is a French overseas territory, French marriage laws apply, which means you have to be resident for at least 40 days before you can legally marry here. A recent exception has been made for American and Canadian citizens who can now legally marry in Tahiti, but for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait until they change the law even more! Despite this, Tahiti's islands do make a breathtaking choice for your wedding (you can always do the legal part at home if you aren't from North America!).

Finally, have you considered the magnificent islands of Hawaii for your wedding in the Pacific? Part of the USA, Hawaii has much more of a Polynesian feel, with influences from all over the Pacific. Each island has a different atmosphere and plenty of wedding providers happy to share with you the island locations which offer the most dramatic backdrops for your wedding. Best of all, it's very easy to marry here, so you'll have no trouble exchanging vows in this paradise.

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