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Weddings in Andorra

Andorra is an unusual destination wedding location, but a spectacular one! Nestled in the mountains between France and Spain, this small country has tons of beautiful alpine views which make a stunning backdrop to your marriage ceremony.

Exchanging vows in winter with a snow covered mountain behind you as the sun sets over the horizon is a magical experience. Or perhaps summer suits you better? You could have a blessing in a flower covered meadow as the birds sing, with your wedding reception in a local lodge?

Please note that legal marriage is only possible in Andorra if one of you is resident, but you can always do the legal bit at home and have a blessing in this beautiful area of South Western Europe. read more

Andorra doesn't have an airport so most people fly into the closest airport at Barcelona and then get a transfer to Andorra or hire a car. Flying to Toulouse in France is another option, as are the other smaller airports in southern France and northern Spain.

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