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Weddings Abroad - Where to Start?

You're engaged - massive congratulations from us!

Planning a wedding abroad can be an overwhelming experience, after all, where do you even start? Unless you know exactly where you want to get married and have a specific vision in mind, navigating the complexity of choice can be a lot to ask.

This is where we come in. Marry Abroad is here to help you decide where to have your wedding abroad, and how to do it. Here are a few tips below, and if you get stuck just email us, we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

  • 1. Before you get too carried away, try to narrow down the type of wedding you'd like to have. Summer/Winter? Sunshine/Snow? Beach/City? Europe/Americas/Asia?

    You could use the social media tools out there to help - Pinterest is good for mood boards, Instagram is a lovely source of inspiration, Facebook has many wedding groups you can join.

    We also have many articles on certain destinations here which might help.

  • 2. Think about whether you'd like to have all your family with you, or if the aim of having a wedding abroad is to reduce the guest list!

    Some people like to take everyone abroad with them, but for others a smaller wedding is only possible if they go abroad. Think of what you want, not what is "expected" of you. It's your day, so make it the magical day you've always wanted.

  • 3. Check the legalities of each country you're considering for your wedding abroad. Some are easier than others, some require certain specific documents, and many will require translation of your documents.

    Make sure you have enough time to sort this out, as some countries will only accept documents which have been issued within a specific period of time before your wedding (usually 3-6 months before the ceremony).

  • 4. Ask for quotes from a few wedding planners to narrow down your choice. However, if the planner or venue sends you some information and you don't wish to use them, please let them know. If you don't reply then they won't even know if you've received their email!

  • 5. The quotes you receive will help you to confirm your budget and to realise what you can get for the budget you have. Some couples are surprised by the cost of a wedding abroad, but if you're having all the bells and whistles then a wedding abroad can cost as much as it would do at home. It just depends on which services you're having and how many guests you're inviting.

  • 6. When you confirm which wedding planner or venue you are going to use, make sure you ask them about their payment terms. Some require a deposit to hold a date, others require full payment a couple of months before the wedding (most require payment a month to 2 weeks beforehand)

  • 7. Make a checklist to ensure you cover everything - our handy Wedding Abroad Checklist will help you make sure you don't forget anything during your planning

  • 8. Don't forget to invite your guests! We recommend you send out a Save the Date email to the people you'd like to invite so they know to keep the date free. And the sooner you send out the official invite the better as for a wedding abroad people may need to save up to come. The earlier you can invite them the more likely they are to come to the wedding

  • 9. If you are booking your wedding directly with the wedding provider then make sure you book your holiday/honeymoon as well! Tour operators can usually only confirm the cost of a holiday 11 months ahead as airlines only release the cost of flights then, so if you're booking a couple of years ahead then they may well be able to reserve the venue you'd like, but not confirm the exact cost until 11 months ahead. This is common practice, so don't panic - as long as your venue is reserved it's fine!

  • If you're booking your own travel/holiday then bear the 11 month rule in mind as well.

  • 10. Relax (if you can) and enjoy your wedding day. Getting married is such a special time for the bride and groom - don't ruin your day by worrying too much. Hiring a wedding planner ensures that they take the stress away from you so you can enjoy your day to the max. If something goes slightly wrong then have faith your planner will fix it, as that's their job. Your job is to enjoy becoming Mrs......