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Weddings Abroad - Home or Abroad?

Once you have got engaged you then have the task of agreeing where to actually get married. Many couples have very definite views on where they will exchange vows, often in their local church or religious location, or in a venue nearby. But there are many alternative wedding choices, both at home and abroad, here are a few ideas.


This may not be something you had thought of before, but the choices available are infinite, so if you aren't particularly wedded to the idea of a wedding at home then why not consider abroad?

Europe is close by (we're based in the UK) and many countries have straightforward marriage requirements, so it can be just as easy to marry there as at home.

Some suggestions for European weddings include: a castle or chateau, on the beach (in certain countries), in the sun, up a mountain in the snow, in a ski chalet, by a lake, in a vineyard.......basically there's a lot of choice!

Further afield, you could get married at a ranch, underwater while snorkelling (yes, really!), in a tropical resort, on safari, in a game reserve, on a secluded island.......the opportunities are endless

Abroad weddings can also be much easier than at home - some easy places to exchange vows include Las Vegas, Florida, Gibraltar, Cyprus, South Africa, Australia many islands in the Caribbean.

All of those locations don't require much paperwork, and you can get married there soon after your arrival, if not immediately. Also, if you'd like to make things really easy then make sure you choose a country which recognises English as a legal language, then you won't have to get document translations (although it is simple to do so, we know a great company!), nor have a translator at the ceremony.


Home weddings give you the benefit of being able to invite more guests and know they'll be more likely to come (although going abroad is a good way to cut the guest list). If you're choosing a location close to home then you will be able to visit it as often as you like while you're doing your planning. Even if you choose a venue further afield, you'll still be able to drop by.

Home venues are still varied, you could marry in a castle or stately home, in a hotel or licenced pub, in a religious venue, basically, in the UK, as long as the venue is licenced for weddings then you can marry there. You do have to get married under a roof though, as it's the building which is licenced for weddings as well as the person officiating, so marrying outside is generally off limits.

But one thing to bear in mind - you will have to get married before 6pm if your ceremony is in England or Wales. It's all down to a historic law from before electricity existed, where you had to get married in daylight so you could see that you were marrying the right person!