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Wedding Planner Interviews

What's it like being a wedding planner? Varied and inspirational? Hard work but also rewarding? If you've ever wondered why someone decides to go into the wedding business, then read on! Here we ask some of our wedding planners what made them start their businesses and why they love the job they do. It's very interesting to see how much being a wedding planner is a vocation and way of life, not just a job.


Portugal: Wedding Planner Patricia

We asked wedding planner Patricia about the Algarve in southern Portugal more

Gibraltar: Wedding Planner Chamaine

Wedding planner Chamaine explains where the best places to get married in Gibraltar are. more

Croatia: Dubrovnik Planner Renata

Wedding planner Renata tells us why Dubrovnik is such a wonderful location to get married abroad. more

South Africa: Planner Fiona

We interview Fiona Gordon from Intriguing Africa and ask what's her favourite type of wedding ceremony and what's the most unusual ceremony type she can organise. more.

Denmark: Wedding Planner Anne

We interview Anne Kathrine from A Danish Wedding and ask why she thinks Denmark is the best place to marry in Europe, and what's the best thing about being a wedding planner. more.
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