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Wedding Abroad Hints and Tips

1. Booking direct with the wedding planner who actually organises your wedding can save you time and money. They can usually get you the best deal on all aspects of the wedding, and, best of all, you pay no commission to a tour operator or other third party.


2. If you have more then 15 guests staying at a hotel you may qualify as a group and receive a free room or other discount. 


3. Make sure you have all the visas and paperwork you need well before the wedding day. Sometimes it can take several months to obtain the correct documentation from the relevant authorities.


4. Make sure you buy a wedding dress which is appropriate for the weather in which you are getting married. A heavy, full skirted dress may be too warm if you get married in the tropics.


5. Some hotel chains offer "free" weddings if you stay for a certain number of nights, or bring a certain number of guests - this is especially common in the Caribbean.


6. Send out "save the date" cards to your guests well in advance of the wedding date. The more notice they have the more likely they are to be able to join you.


7. Check the weather for the time of year in which you wish to get married. You may not dream of exchanging your vows in a monsoon or hurricane!


8. Make sure you have adequate holiday travel insurance for yourself and your wedding guests, just in case!