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Weddings Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions about how to go about getting married abroad, then fear not, we have some of the answers!


We are asked quite often for advice and we're pleased to be able to help, however some questions come up more often than others, so here's our frequently asked questions page, which should help you make the decision as to whether you're going to get married abroad.


If you don't see the answers to your questions below, then drop us an email and we'll see if we can help.

Why should I get married abroad?

Imagine yourself getting married on a beach at sunset with a fragrant breeze wafting over you, or exchanging your vows in a tropical garden. These are some of the most popular choices of ceremonies abroad, and they can be very easy to arrange, especially if you choose the right wedding planner to do all the hard work for you!


The average cost of a traditional wedding in the UK is close to £20000, whereas couples who choose to get married abroad spend an average of £6500 on a combined wedding and honeymoon.


Should I contact a wedding planner directly or use a tour operator?

It really depends on what you're looking for. If you'd like to book your wedding as part of a holiday/honeymoon then a tour operator may be the best choice.


Be aware though that most tour operators do not arrange the weddings they feature in their brochures themselves, they use a local wedding planner to make all the arrangements, and usually that person has their own wedding business, or works in the wedding department of a hotel or resort.


If you'd like to speak directly to the person who is actually arranging your ceremony then look into booking your wedding directly with them (either the planner or directly with the venue). You may also save money this way as you won't be paying commission via the tour operator, and you can always book the holiday part separately. 


Isn't it more difficult to make travel arrangements myself?

Not at all, if you are looking on this site then you are already an independent person who is probably used to booking travel yourself. Once you have chosen your wedding planner they will take care of all the wedding details, leaving you to arrange your travel details and your honeymoon exactly the way you want.


What paperwork will we need?

It will depend on the country in which you wish to get married. Some countries do not require much paperwork, whereas others will require more than in the UK. Take a look at the legal details here first, but also check with your wedding planner and embassy website just in case details have changed. Generally you will need proof of birth, ID with a picture, and any previous marriage, divorce, death of previous spouse or adoption papers if applicable.


Will my marriage be valid in the UK?

Most overseas weddings are legal in the UK, although you should always double check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to be sure. Generally, if a wedding has taken place legally in the country in which it was held then it will be recognised as legal in the UK.


How long will I need to be in a country before getting married?

Some countries do not require you to spend time in the country beforehand, whereas others may require you to spend a few days in the country before the ceremony can take place. All details are under "Legalities" on the country pages on marry abroad and also should be double checked with your wedding planner.


Can we get married at any time?

Generally you can get married any time the officiant is available, although some countries have restrictions on Sundays and holidays. Your wedding planner will advise if you are unable to get married on the day you choose.


Can the bride travel home under her married name?

The bride must travel under her maiden name until she is able to change her passport into her married name. You can change your name before you are married if you wish to - just enquire at your local registry office for full details.