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Wedding Abroad Checklist

You've decided to have a wedding abroad, but now you have to plan it all. Don't worry, we're here to help. We'd always recommend you hire a local wedding planner to help you with all the arrangements, but there are some things that you will have to do yourself before you can legally get married abroad.

1 year or more before your wedding day

  • Check what paperwork you'll need in the country you wish to marry. We have handy guides to many countries here. If you need to get some documents reissued then check if there's an expiry date by when the country won't accept the documents


  • Choose a wedding planner/provider to help you with the planning (you may wish to go out to the country you're marrying in to meet your planner before you hire her services.)


  • Choose and book the wedding venue


  • Start looking at menu choices and book your reception (if you're having one and it's not at the same location as the ceremony)


8-6 months before your wedding day

  • Send out invitations to the guests you'd like to join you


  • Enquire with airlines and hotels for group rates, as you may be able to get a discount or free room if you take enough people with you


  • Decide on a photographer


  • Book your DJ/Band for the reception (if you're having one)


  • Book your make up artist and hairdresser for the wedding day


  • Buy your wedding dress


  • Make sure your wedding dress is easily transportable – you can buy specific boxes to transport wedding dresses, and sometimes the airline will allow you to take it on as extra hand luggage at no additional charge (check with your airline though)


  • If you're having bridesmaids, also choose dresses which can be transported easily


  • You may wish to set up a honeymoon gift list where your guests buy you items for your honeymoon. We'd recommend this honeymoon list where you can get 30% off if you quote PT-MRYABD-030 when you sign up



3 months before your wedding day

  • Make sure you have all the paperwork you need. You may have to get new copies of your birth certificates and swear an affidavit that there is no impediment to your marriage. Many countries require copies of your full birth certificates issued no more than 3 months before the wedding day. You can order your no impediment to marry or single status certificates here.



  • Choose your flowers


  • Decide what type of wedding cake you'd like



1 month before your wedding day


  • Reconfirm that everything is booked and ready for the day


  • Your wedding planner will confirm everything and highlight any snags



1 week before your wedding day


  • Fly out to your destination and meet with your wedding planner to finalise details


  • Start strong relaxing and enjoying your time together before your marriage



On your wedding day

  • Have a leisurely light breakfast (with champagne?!)


  • Enjoy being pampered by your hairdresser and make up artist


  • Get dressed in plenty of time so you aren't rushing


  • Enjoy yourself, and have the time of your life!

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