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Five Tips for Getting Married in Catalonia, Spain

Still deciding where to get married? How about the Catalonia area of Spain? Just 2 hours away from the UK, with over 500Km of breathtaking Mediterranean coast and a benign climate, it’s the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.

Spanish weather, food, wine and the Spanish lifestyle ("siesta” or "fiesta” anyone?!) combine to make the country one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. However, Spain lags behind as a wedding destination, which is strange when it offers a climate and landscape that defies imagination!

Catalonia is one of the most beautiful areas of Spain, located in the northeast of the country with Barcelona as its capital. With over 500Km of breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, Catalonia is a perfect destination to hold a breathtaking wedding thanks to its history, natural beauty, different landscapes and gastronomy. This is a region renowned for its outstanding cuisine and is one of the top culinary destinations in the world.

Here are a few tips to guide you in planning your wedding in Catalonia:

1. Weather: Catalonia provides flexibility when it comes to choosing your wedding day thanks to its benign climate, with many warm sunny days throughout the year and a low average rainfall. Spring and autumn are seasons of colour and contrast, with moderate temperatures (13-17C), and temperatures in summer are a pleasant 25C, although they can rise to above 30C. However, It’s not recommended that you hold your wedding during peak season in July or August due to the heat and holiday crowds.

2. Legalities: In Spain, both civil and religious weddings are legally recognised. However, civil ceremonies require a minimum period of residency in Spain of 2 years. For this reason, it is much easier to legally marry at a Registry Office in your country of residence beforehand and then celebrate with a symbolic or blessing wedding ceremony in Spain. This option is very popular even among Spaniards who hold the legal civil ceremony at a non-glamorous City Hall on a different day with their “real” wedding day taking place in a beautiful venue where both the symbolic ceremony and the banquet will be held.

3. Languages: Catalan people speak Catalan and Spanish. Unfortunately, nowadays there are still some who cannot speak English.

4. Professional advice: It’s very important to have professional and local advice when you are planning your wedding in Spain/Catalonia. It’s crucial to know the language, the legalities and bureaucracy, the venues and a wide range of suppliers who can give you great service for your special day.

5. Timing: 1 year in advance should be enough to plan your wedding in Spain as long as you are sure about what you want. You must bear in mind that you should visit Catalonia a couple of times before your wedding in order to select the venue and the church (Catholic only for a religious ceremony) in the first instance, and later on for the decor, tasting menu or hair trial. But, this is not mandatory and it depends on your availability.
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