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Top Wedding Castles in the Czech Republic

Ever dreamed of getting married in a castle? Or perhaps you're searching for an old worlde air to add a bit of romanticism to your ceremony? Well, look no further, below we feature the top wedding venues in the Czech Republic, take a look and be tempted!

The Loucen Chateau located 1 hour from Prague features not only splendid main building from the turn of 20th century (Thurn-Taxis aristocratic family) but also a vast park with ten unique mazes and labyrinths. It is a great place for outdoor weddings in summer. The chateau offers stylish hotel accommodation with wedding and honeymoon suites and has chateau restaurant and cafe.

Get pampered at the Chateau Mcely the first five-star 100% eco-friendly chic resort offering top quality accommodation with beautiful interiors and impressive setting in the surrounding countryside. The chateau offers a wide range of ways to enjoy and relax - spa breaks, romantic breaks, family celebrations and anniversaries, conferences or summer picnics and tea parties in the splendid park. The chef at the chateau of Mcely prepares meals according to old recipes of the first owners aristocratic family of Thurn-Taxis and the chateau restaurant ranks among the top ten restaurants in the Czech Republic.

Modernist Kotera Chateau hotel near Kolin was built and designed in the 1920s by the founder of Czech modern architecture Jan Kotira. Enjoy the truly unique interiors and exteriors with the surrounding english-style park. The hotel caters for all occasions including weddings (especially fabulous in the park).

The Trnova Chateau is located just 20 minutes drive from Prague city centre. It is set in an English-style park which has several great wedding spots - in the main hall, near the pond in the park or on the terrace. The venue can be hired from couple of hourts up to several days with accommodation. A splendid three-storey wedding suite in the chauteau tower is prepared for newly-weds.

Stirin Chateau. Stunning chateau both civil and church weddings can take place in the chateau's Rococo chapel, in the historical rooms facing parks and gardens or outdoors under a floral arch. Wedding ceremony with all additional services can be booked - from make-up artists, hairdressers, interior decorations up to limousines and live music entertainment. There is a top quality golf course located nearby.

Detenice Chateau. The chateau is included in the 'Unusual & Unique Hotels of the World" list and the wedding here can be a truly unforgettable and unique experience indeed. The ceremony can take place in the festive Knight's Hall or in the beautiful chateau park. The wedding feast in a medieval style is served in the Albrecht of Wallenstein banqueting hall. The accommodation in the medieval hotel is definitely a highlight of the stay: Every wedding night here turns into an unforgettable experience thanks to local ghosts. If you do not believe, come and get married in Ditenice!

Hluboka Castle, 2 hours from Prague. Hluboka Nad Vltavou is one of the most popular castles for a wedding ceremony in the country. Its unique neo-romantic design attracts local couples as well as wed-to-bes from around the world. The castle was founded in the 13th century by Czech kings and was originally projected as a Royal Castle. Its elegance and aristocratic beauty will undoubtedly give your wedding ceremony unique and romantic atmosphere. The adjacent hotel built in the same style as the castle provides for wedding reception and comfortable accommodation.

Karlstejn Castle, 30 min from Prague. Karlstejn castle is a great Gothic castle from the 12th century where the Czech coronation jewels are kept. The Castle amazes by its splendid vertical structure, starting from the lowest ground and ending with impressive 60-meter Grand Tower. The rumour has it that during the reign of king Charles IV. there was a ban for women to enter the castle. Luckily it is not like that anymore and many happy couples joined their lives at this majestic castle.

Hruba Skala Castle - 1 hour from Prague. The castle provides ultra-romantic and fairy-tale setting for a wedding ceremony. It is located in an area called "Bohemian Paradise". The structure of the castle stands on the edge of two massive rocks almost 60 meters above the river valley and with great views. The castle is very popular among the film makers as a perfect fairy-tales and fantasy movies filming venue.

Zbiroh Castle, 1 hour from Prague. This romantic castle has been located on a hill top near the town of the same name for more than 8 centuries. Zbiroh Castle is built in a grandeur style and is definitely a great choice for the wedding venue. Some parts of the castle were designed in Art Nouveau style by the world famous Czech artist Alphonse Mucha who lived and worked at the castle for 19 years. The castle has a great Medieval-style restaurant for wedding reception.

Konopiste Castle, 30 min from Prague. Konopiste Castle is around 7 centuries old, originally built as a fortress then a hunting lodge rebuilt in style of the French "castels". The Castle is famous for its fascinating collection of historical weapons, antic furniture, tapestries and paintings. The romantic interior of Konopiste Castle and excellent mix of history with natural surroundings create a special festive atmosphere to help your dreams come true.

Sychrov Castle, 1 hour from Prague. Listed as the Czech National Monument this castle was originated in the 15th century. Fascinating exteriors and splendid interiors make it an ideal wedding ceremony place. Enjoy the reception with top service in combination with the beautiful and romantic architecture.

Cervena Lhota Castle, 2 hours from Prague. The amazing red exterior of this castle will make every wedding photo special.The Castle Cervena Lhota was built partly as a representative aristocratic residence and also as a Renaissance fortress with a Medieval twist. The romantic atmosphere of the castle is maintained by the surrounding forests and lake.

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