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Top 5 Visited Countries in the World

Here's our round up of the top 5 visited destinations in the world where you can get married or have a blessing. Remember that when you get married abroad you will need to abide by the laws of that country in order for your marriage to be legal, and usually as long as you marry legally in a country your marriage is recognised in your home country.

Be aware that some destinations do have residency requirements which you may not be able to fulfil, but if you would still like a ceremony there then you can always have a non legal blessing instead and do the legal part at home.

1. France

France is the most visited country in the world, and you can see why with plenty of rolling hills covered in vines, chateaux peaking out from amongst the trees, stunning mountains hosting snow covered chalets with incredible views, sparkling blue seas and of course the city of Amour, Paris!

Getting married legally here can be difficult as there is a 40 day residency period, but if you're happy to do the legal bit at home, then France is an incredible destination to hold your non-legal ceremony.

France Marriage Laws

2. USA

The USA is such a huge country and has a wedding location to suit everyone somewhere. The most popular choices for a wedding abroad are New York, Florida, Las Vegas and California. These states offer very differing options for a wedding ceremony, New York is the ideal city wedding choice - where better to exchange vows than in Central Park?!

Florida offers wide beaches and year-round sunshine and many couples choose to have a beach ceremony here. Las Vegas is ideal for a quick ceremony pretty much anywhere in (or above) the city. New York has some iconic locations in which to marry including Central Park and the Empire State Building.

California has simple legalities and has an extremely wide choice of wedding locations ranging from the wineries in the north to the beaches further down the coast. Basically, if you choose the right state then you're bound to find a wedding destination in the USA to suit you.

New York Marriage Laws

3. Spain

Spain is the third most visited country in the world for tourists, and is also a very popular choice for a wedding ceremomy. Unfortunately, unless you are Catholic or have lived in Spain for at least 2 years then you can't legally marry there, but many couples choose to have a non legal ceremony in Spain to make the most of the stunning countryside.

However, the benefits of a non legal ceremony mean that you can hold your blessing anywhere and don't have to marry in a specific building or location, so if you've always wanted to get married on a beach at sunset then you can, or perhaps exchange vows on a cliff overlooking the tumbling waves, or maybe find the perfect garden and get married there? The choice is endless in Spain.

Spain Marriage Laws

4. Italy

You can legally marry in Italy if you don't live there, which makes it one of the top choices for a European wedding. Many couples who originally wanted to marry in France or Spain (like Kim Kardashian or Colleen Rooney) often decide to marry in Italy instead.

The romantic choices in Italy are never ending - you could have a wedding at a villa overlooking one of the stunning lakes in the north of the country, choose Shakespeare's city of love, Verona, for your big day, or perhaps the Renaissance city of Florence with its palaces and intricate gardens?

Further south, Rome just oozes romance with its history and incredible buildings and views, the pretty Amalfi coastline is famous the world over and many couples choose it as a backdrop for their wedding, and the island of Sicily offers plenty of historic temples and stunning vistas for a ceremony. No wonder Italy is a top wedding choice!

Italy Marriage Laws

5. Turkey

Turkey remains one of the most visited countries in the world, but did you know it's actually quite simple to get married there? Many couples book a holiday to Turkey and then think it would be quite nice to get married while they're there, and this is definitely possible as long as you leave enough time to sort out the paperwork and find a wedding planner in Turkey who can help.

Many hotels and resorts also offer a wedding service, so it's worth asking your resort before you get there if that's something you're looking to do. Wedding locations in Turkey are equally as amazing as other countries - incredible coastline, ancient amphitheatres, historic settings, and you can even get married on a gulet (turkish boat) if you so wish!

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