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What time of year is best to marry?

If you're choosing a country in which to get married you really need to think about what the weather will be like when you want to exchange your vows. You don't want to end up getting married in the hurricane season, or want a summer wedding but choose a country where it's the rainy season in the summer months.

Below is a table showing the types of weather around the world. It should give you a good idea of when is the best time for you to arrange your wedding. Don't forget that we also have weather charts on each of our wedding country pages, just in case you'd like even more detail!

Country Most Humid Dry Season Rainy Season Hurricane Season
Argentina Dec-Mar Similar year round Similar year round  
Antigua and Barbuda Similar year round Apr-May Aug-Dec Jun-Nov
Australia Jan-Feb Aug-Jan Feb-Jul  
Bahamas Jun-Oct Dec-Mar Jun-Oct Jun-Nov
Bali Similar year round Jun-Sep Jan-Feb  
Barbados Apr-Nov Feb-May Jun-Nov Jun-Nov
Belize May-Sep Feb-Apr Sep-Nov  
Bermuda Jul-Sep Similar year round Similar year round Jun-Nov
Brazil Jan-Feb Jul-Aug Dec-Mar  
California (USA) Jul-Sep Jun-Sep Jan-Mar  
Cayman Islands Jul-Aug Jul-Aug May-Jun, Sep-Oct Jun-Nov
Chile Dec-Apr Dec-Apr Jul-Sep  
China (northern) Jun-Aug Dec-Mar Jul-Aug  
China (southern) Jul-Aug Dec-Feb Jun-Sep  
Cook Islands Jan-Apr Jul-Sep Nov-Mar  
Costa Rica Similar year round Jan-Mar May-Oct  
Cuba May-Sep Feb-Apr Dec-Mar Jun-Nov
Dominican Republic May-Nov Dec-Mar May-Nov Jun-Nov
Egypt May-Oct Jun-Oct n/a  
Europe (northern) Jul-Aug May-Sept Nov-Mar  
Europe (southern) Jun-Sep May-Sep Nov-Mar  
Fiji May-Nov Similar year round Similar year round  
Florida (USA) Jun-Sep Nov-Apr Sep-Oct Jun-Nov
Grenada (Caribbean) Apr-Nov Feb-May Jun-Nov Jun-Nov
Hawaii (USA) Apr-Dec Similar year round Similar year round  
Hong Kong Jun-Sep Nov-Feb May-Sep  
India Jun-Aug Nov-Apr Jul-Sep  
Jamaica Similar year round Dec-Apr May, Oct Jun-Aug
Japan Aug Dec-Jan Sep-Oct  
Kenya Jan-May Jun-Sep Apr-May  
Malaysia Similar year round Similar year round Similar year round  
Maldives Similar year round Jan-Apr Jun-Jul  
Mauritius Jan-Mar Sep-Nov Dec-Apr  
Mexico Similar year round Dec-Feb Jun-Sep  
Morocco Jun-Sep Jun-Aug Nov-Dec, Mar-Apr  
Nevada (USA) Jul-Aug Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov Dec-Feb, Jul-Aug  
New York (USA) Jul-Sep Mar-Jun Jul-Aug  
New Zealand Jan-Feb Nov-Apr May-Oct  
Puerto Rico May-Nov Feb-Mar Apr-Jan Jun-Nov
Seychelles Feb-May Jul-Aug Dec-Mar  
Sri Lanka Similar year round Jan-Feb Apr-Jun, Oct-Nov  
South Africa Nov-Mar Jun-Aug Nov-Feb  
St Kitts and Nevis Similar year round Apr-May Aug-Dec Jun-Nov
St Lucia Sep-Oct Jan-May Jun-Nov Sep-Oct
St Vincent and Grenadines Similar year round Jan-Apr Jul-Nov Jun-Nov
Thailand Apr-Jun Dec-Apr May-Oct  
Trinidad and Tobago Sep-Nov Jan-Apr Jun-Dec Jun-Nov
Turkey Jul-Aug Jul-Sep Nov-Dec, May  
Turks and Caicos Similar year round Feb-Apr Oct-Nov Jun-Nov
Virgin Islands (UK and US) Similar year round Feb-Apr Jun-Dec Jun-Nov


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