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Hotel/Resort Weddings Abroad

A hotel or resort wedding abroad can be simple to arrange as well as beautiful to experience! Most reasonable sized resorts around the world offer weddings and have an in-house wedding planner who can make all the arrangements, and it's an excellent way to combine getting married abroad with celebrating with your friends and family in one place.

Destinations such as the Caribbean are very well set up for a resort wedding. In fact, you may find the choice of resorts a bit overwhelming! Each Caribbean island has a different atmosphere and culture, but they are all welcoming and, as long as you get married in winter you will almost be guaranteed good weather (the winter is peak season in the Caribbean as the summer months tend to be more rainy).

Often a Caribbean resort will offer you a deal, for example, if you bring a certain number of guests and stay for a certain amount of time then your wedding ceremony may be "free" or you may be offered a free night or two. Just check with the resort once you have final guest numbers for your stay and see what they offer.

Asia is another good destination for resort weddings abroad. Countries such as Thailand, India and Indonesia (Bali) all have a plethora of different venues which are perfect for weddings. You could marry in a luxury resort by the beach in Thailand, or maybe decide that an opulent palace in India is more your style with guests watching you arrive by elephant (also possible in Thailand!). Bali is another good resort wedding country as many resorts here are stylishly designed to incorporate natural air flow into the building, which leaves you looking refreshed and poised on your wedding day rather than a sweaty mess in the midday sun!

North America could also be the right continent for your resort wedding. The USA has some incredible resorts, from the classic large ones such as the famous theme parks in Florida or California), to small, family-run hotels in the country where nothing is too much trouble. You could run away and get married in an upmarket hotel in New York, exchange vows on a plantation in the deep south, or even get married on a ranch - just imagine the possibilities!

If you'd like to get married abroad in Europe then resort and hotel weddings are definitely available there too. Depending on the country you choose you could plump for a historic house full of atmosphere, a former palace where you can dance the night away in a proper ballroom, a luxury city centre hotel with amazing views over the city, a remote hotel where you escape the rat race and share your day just with your nearest and dearest, or perhaps a popular resort is more your style where you can relax on the beach while enjoying the local nightlife?

Whatever type of resort or hotel wedding you're looking for, you can find it somewhere in the world!

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