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Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Renewal of vows ceremonies are becoming more and more popular these days - perhaps it's because we see many celebrities renew their vows (often on TV!) and decide to do the same, or maybe it's because more and more couples are happy to show the outside world how much they care for each other even after many years of marriage. These non-legally binding ceremonies are a great way to reconfirm your commitment to your spouse, and, best of all, they can take place in any place at any time.

Once very good reason to renew your vows is to have a different ceremony than the one you had first time round. If you dreamed of a beach wedding in the sun but actually got married in a UK registry office in the rain, then you can create the ceremony you've always wanted when you renew your vows.

Most wedding planners and venues will arrange renewal of vows ceremonies, and because there are no legal formalities to undertake, the cost is less than a legal wedding. This is a good option for European weddings, as most European countries require stringent paperwork and for the couple to marry in a building with a roof. So if you renew your vows in Europe you can do so anywhere you choose.

You could also renew your vows abroad in a country where it's difficult for a non-resident to marry, such as most of the countries in South America, or North Africa. In fact, if you're travelling and decide to show your commitment to your partner then a renewal of vows ceremony could be just the thing!



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