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Real Life Wedding at Niagara Falls, Canada

Getting married in Canada is such a special experience, as you can get married almost anywhere. Niagara Falls in Ontario is one of the most popular locations in the country, and you can see why, as exchanging vows overlooking the magnificent Falls is one of the most breathtaking experiences in Canada.

The legalities to get married in Ontario are simple even if you don't live there, which explains why so many couples choose to marry here. The couple below had a wonderful ceremony in September 2019 and they share their story below.

Joanne and Lee, Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Joanne and Lee originally met 25 years ago, but their lives took different paths and they lost contact.

However, in 2012 Lee found Joanne on Facebook. At the time she was living in Canada and he was in the UK, however, both their lives had recently changed and they reconnected. After three years' of a long distance relationship Joanne decided to move back to the UK so they could be together.

They chose to get married in 2019 in Canada because Joanne's children still live in Toronto, and so by marrying in Niagara Falls they could be at the ceremony and make it even more special for Joanne.

Joanne says, "our wedding day was so special and memorable, thanks to Pennie and all her hard work. Pennie and I had never met until the day before our wedding, and thanks to her, our day was all we dreamed of and more. The flowers were exactly what we wanted and the photo charms of Lee's late Mum reduced him to tears. We had a wonderful reception, horse and carriage, and so much more, I could go on forever and really cannot thank Pennie enough."

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