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Real Life Weddings in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular destinations for a wedding abroad for good reason. The good weather, sparking blue seas, pretty whitewashed buildings and warm welcome from the locals make it the perfect wedding choice. See how our couples below got married in Greece and what made them decide to marry there.

Lyndsay and Adam, Lefkada

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Lyndsay and Adam met in sixth form in 2004, and what started as a friendship soon turned into young love! They began going out in 2005 after becoming good friends.

Adam decided to propose to Lyndsay in June 2011 and was very traditional with everything. He asked Lyndsay's Dad for his permission and even went engagement ring shopping with her Mum and sister!

At the time, Lyndsay and Adam already had a holiday booked with Adam's brother and his wife and friends to France and while Adam had no plans as to when and how he was going to propose, he just decided to do it when he felt the time was right! Lyndsay was oblivious to everything; she didn't notice how Adam took his bag everywhere with him on the ferry over (as he had the ring in there!) and how nervous he was the night he decided to propose.

They were both sitting outside alone at the villa, drinking wine and chatting away and Lyndsay wanted to go to bed, but Adam thought this was the best opportunity to pop the question. He asked her to wait whilst he went to the toilet, when he rushed in and grabbed the ring. He came back out and sat down, then Lyndsay got up to go to bed. Adam called her just as she began to walk down the steps, and as she turned around he was on bended knee. It was a perfect, romantic moment that they will never forget.

Lyndsay and Adam always knew they would get married abroad. They wanted a unique, simplistic and beautiful wedding and that's what going abroad offers you. Greece was always the leading option for them as they love the country, it's not too expensive for guests to fly out to and it is a beautiful place. They did lots and LOTS of research into places to marry, and after lots of emailing various people from various places in Greece we stumbled across Seaside Restaurant.

They looked at pictures of the restaurant and thought it looked perfect. They then did lots of research into Lefkada, Greece where the restaurant was. It looked like an amazing island, with beautiful beaches and unspoiled, beautiful countryside. They immediately emailed Claire at the restaurant, who organised everything for them. Amazing doesn't even describe her! Nothing was ever too much for her; from organising flowers, the cake and the food to giving tips about the island and even helping to arrange a trip out for the day for Lyndsay and Adam and their guests. The service they received was beyond incredible and the whole time Claire was available by phone or email, day or night, to help with any concerns and give advice.

Lyndsay and Adam thought getting married abroad would be the most stressful thing in the world, but it really wasn't as they had support the whole way from the restaurant. There were a few bumps, such as finding suitable accommodation for their guests, but Claire was there to help and advise as always! They chose two beautiful villas that were next to each other, with amazing views and beautiful decor.

Originally their wedding day was supposed to be 23.05.13, but the day beforehand the weather forecast said there was going to be a bad storm and since their wedding was set to take place outside on the decking by the sea, and they were due to arrive by boat, a storm would mean the wedding would have to be changed dramatically.

Claire and Kostas (the owner) came to the rescue! They came to the villa and gave Lyndsay and Adam a list of options; 1) go ahead as normal, and have the wedding inside rather than outside, 2) plan to still have the wedding and if the weather was bad, re-arrange for the Friday, 3) change completely to the Friday when the weather was supposed to be much better. Understandably Lyndsay was devastated as she was prepared for her wedding to be the next day, however they wanted it to be perfect, as did Claire and Kostas, so the decision was taken to move the wedding to the Friday.

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On the Thursday evening boys and girls separated into each villa. The girls had a pamper evening whilst the boys had a drink or two! The morning of the wedding came around and the weather was mixed, with the promise of it turning sunny at around the time of the ceremony.

Claire arrived early to pick the groom and his best man up and take them to the restaurant, then the coach arrived to take the guests. The bridal party went to the port in decorated taxis but on arrival at the port, the rain came down! Lyndsay and her bridesmaids sat in a bar and waited for it to blow over, then hopped on board the boat. Heading over to the restaurant was a very nervous and exciting time as, because the season had only just started, this was the first time Lyndsay would be seeing the restaurant in real life. It was beautiful.

They pulled up by boat, and the bridesmaids made their way down the decking aisle. With the sun shining, the couple's chosen song playing and their guests looking on, it was simply breathtaking. Lyndsay and Adam said their vows and one of their bridesmaids read a poem, then they were man and wife! The location was simply the most beautiful and understated place and was perfect for their wedding with excellent food and the best cake they had ever had! Everything went perfectly and at the end of the evening they had a magnificent firework display on the decking, which brought the best day of their lives to a close.

Lyndsay says, "We cannot recommend Seaside Restaurant enough to anyone who is thinking of getting married abroad. It is the perfect place to have a wedding. Anything you want or need is never too much for Claire and Kostas; they are the best team! Without them our wedding would have been no way near as amazing. Every single one of our guests says it was by far the best wedding they had ever been to. And every person we meet is jealous of our stories and pictures! We truly did have the time of our lives..."

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Seaside restaurant, Lefkada, Greece

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