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Canada as a wedding destination offers such a wide range of different options you'll be spoilt for choice! Eastern Canada reaches from the maritime provinces with their nautical air, to French-influenced Quebec, the wilderness of Ontario and the spectacular Niagara Falls. While western Canada boasts the spectacular Rocky Mountains with their craggy peaks and turquoise blue lakes, and friendly coastal towns and cities. Getting married here is simple, so why not consider Canada for your wedding day?!

Jaime and Jon, Niagara

bridal couple in the snow in canada

Jon and Jaime met in June 2011 completely by chance at a Roller Derby in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Jon asked Jaime to meet him for a drink after the derby and the rest is history.

Jon proposed 9 months later on 13 February (which is their wedding date) 2012. He totally surprised Jaime with her name tattooed on one of his forearms , then he got down on one knee, opened his other hand with a ring in it and showed her “Will you Marry Me?” tattooed on the other forearm. The answer, of course, was YES!

Jon and Jaime had a really difficult time planning their wedding. They made a guest list two or three times of nearly 200 people and could not figure out where to have a wedding that big, the logistics of it all and of course the cost.

Around Christmas they were talking about eloping because they had been engaged for so long and had no wedding plans in sight. They joked about going to Vegas and then thought - what about Niagara Falls? They started to do some research online and found the Little Log Chapel so set the date for February 13, 2015. It was perfect.

Jaime says, "Niagara Falls was amazing in the winter, everything was so beautiful and we had some really great experiences at local restaurants that blew us away!

As far as our outfits - I wanted to go sort of a bohemian/vintage look. I found my dress online and it shipped really quickly - luckily because I didn't have much time to spare. My stole is real fur, I bought it at a vintage shop locally, I think it's from the 50’s. I made my flower crown. Jon’s went for the “hipster” sort of vibe - I made it very clear he was to keep the beard for the wedding!! The boots are just very us, I’ve always wanted to wear Docs for a wedding and Jon went with Blundstones.

We found the “ring finger finger” picture on pinterest and thought it was hilarious - thanks for indulging us!​"

The Wedding Planners: Elope Niagara

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