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Real Life Weddings in the Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas are all stunning but very different in style and atmosphere. These couples each married on a different Bahamas island and had a truly unique wedding ceremony which embraced the lifestyle of their chosen island.

Bahamas Wedding Couples
Felicity and Andrew / Louise and Steve / Claire and Jason / Claire and James

Felicity and Andrew: Crooked Island, Bahamas

bride and groom marrying on beach

Felicity (Flick) and Andrew (Dibble) from Salisbury, were set up on Flick's 21st birthday (2006). She was out with a group of friends and little beknownst to her one of her friends had a arranged a meet up with her boyfriend's brother and his set of slightly older friends who were also out in Salisbury.

Dibble had been told that Flick had seen a photo of him and had said that she quite liked the look of him - this was not the case - but it gave Dibble enough confidence to come and chat to her.

Unfortunately she laughed at him but this broke the tension and they hit it off. At the end of the evening they went their separate ways and didn't go for their first date for about a month as Dib had a car which had no headlights and so he couldn't drive Flick anywhere in the dark!

Their relationship then went from strength to strength. Flick finished University, qualified as a primary school teacher and Dib and she decided to live together. To make sure it was going to work Dib initially moved into Flick's Mum's house for 6 months or so, luckily they got on brilliantly. Later they bought a house and have lived together contentedly now for 3 years.

Dib proposed at home in bed at Easter last year. He had always said he wanted Flick to have the perfect ring and so thought it best that she picked it herself. He was planning on proposing on Easter Sunday but had a panic that no shops would be open to shop for the ideal ring so in his worry decided just to pop the question whilst they were chilling in bed on Good Friday. Flick loved that there was no big proposal and that it was so 'normal'. Neither of them are good with pomp and circumstance.

This is why they chose Crooked Island - it sounded perfect. They spotted the advert for the competition in Goldsmiths Salisbury when looking at rings and thought it sounded too good to be true but that it was worth a shot.

Crooked Island seemed relaxed, chilled out, and a beach wedding was what they had always dreamed of. And it really was perfect. They were treated so amazingly well by everyone, almost like royalty. Because the island had very few inhabitants they were able to meet quite a few of them and everyone they met was so welcoming and warm. Bernard and Daphne at Tranquillity on the Bay (where they stayed) were fabulous, Daphne even did Flick's hair on the wedding day!

Flick says, "as I walked down the aisle with my mum to Old Pine by Ben Howard, with the sun shining down, I thought I was going to break down, but when I saw Dib with his big cheeky grin I couldn't help but grin right back. I later found out from Dib that if I had blubbed he would have too - we were both on the edge. Our reception was fabulous as we had lots of the islanders there too, we had amazing food, beautiful decorations and even some unplanned speeches. My most memorable part of the day was our first dance in the decorated gazebo just as the sun was going down, perfect!

We had the local rake and scrape band in the evening where we danced the night away. We all got to have a go at playing too, there are some ace pictures of me playing the saw in my wedding dress - amazing fun!

This competition has meant that we were able to get married and start the next part of our lives together at least a year earlier than we would have been able to. We are so thankful to absolutely everybody who was involved in this competition and cannot believe how lucky and blessed we have been to have got married on such a truly magical island around wonderful people. A unique wedding for sure and one we are very touched to have been able to have.

The children in my class are now having to get used to calling me Mrs Webb - they are better at it than I am! I love being married and I love that our wedding was in such a beautiful setting."

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Louise and Steve: Acklins Island, Bahamas

bride and grom marrying on beach

Louise and Steve from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, met online back in 2006 after they both joined a dating website. Louise had put a profile of "bad tempered and stubborn to the point of bloody mindedness" and had taken her photo down and Steve was the only one to reply. The day they met Louise had a hangover from hell and looked like she had been "dragged through a hedge backwards". Steve was not her type in any way to look at but she had decided to go with the flow, so it was definitely not love at first sight for either of them.

They arranged to go to Cleethorpes on Steve's motorbike so went back to his house where he kitted Louise out with bike leathers and a helmet, this really impressed her as, being a nurse and having worked in A&E, road safety is particularly important to her, especially for bikers.

They headed off to the seaside, had fish and chips and then sat on a bench on the prom. As they sat there in silence, looking out over the sands and the sea, Louise suddenly got this weird premonition of them doing exactly the same thing together as a little old couple - she just saw their future stretched out together from that point on.

From that day on they were pretty much inseparable and practically moved in together after a month. Steve jokingly proposed while they were watching TV eating spaghetti bolognaise, then, the day before they were due to move into their new house together, Louise fell downstairs and broke her leg in two places. She was totally disabled for several months and Steve took care of her. He had booked a trip to Paris for Valentine's Day and planned to propose on top of the Eiffel tower, but this had to be changed and he proposed on their first anniversary on the beach at Loch Ness in Scotland.

Louise and Steve always planned to get married "for themselves", both being divorced neither of them were interested in any form of big white wedding. However, due to finances, their dream wedding on a secluded tropical beach always seemed to be a pipe dream until they saw the Bahamas competition. Steve "bullied" Louise into entering and she was convinced they wouldn't win and forgot all about it until one day when she was sitting in a traffic jam on a soggy Friday evening in Manchester and got the call to say they had won. To say they were suspicious is an understatement and they both didn't really believe it until they were sitting on the plane!

Louise says, "the wedding turned out to be everything I hadn't expected or asked for, the secluded beach turned out to be a gazebo built by the islanders especially for us and decorated on the morning of our wedding by my husband, best man, PJ our wedding planner and Jackson our photographer and videographer. The four of us turned into about fifty, including the Minister of the island and the local school band.

I walked out of Ivel's Bed and Breakfast, down the front path, over the road and down the aisle, I thought it was wonderful, to have all the islanders turn up to watch us get married and join in the celebration brought a lump to my throat so I didn't stand a chance when it came to speaking and just broke down and sobbed whilst I read my vows.

They had decorated our car with a big Just Married sign and tin cans, so we got to do the whole waving goodbye thing when we were whisked away to a secluded beach for photographs and then the amazing Spice Restaurant which put me in mind of a treehouse in Africa, we could see both sides of the island, the views were breathtaking. The whole thing was just magical even if it was nothing like I had imagined. The staff at Ivel's were absolutely amazing and we truly felt like family, if I could I would go and live on Acklins, everyone was friendly and welcoming to the four of us who travelled so far to be alone, it's so secluded and peaceful, you really can forget about the rest of the world and leave the rat race behind."

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Claire and Jason: New Providence, Bahamas

bride and groom marrying on beach in bahamas

Claire and Jason (Jay) from Rhyl, North Wales, met just over 3 years ago through a mutual friend. They were both single and not looking for romance so they initially just became friends. Then, a few months later, Jay invited Claire around for a Chinese meal one evening. That night they found out that they had a lot in common and laughed all night....and that was the start of their relationship.

Jay has 3 kids and Claire has 2 kids, who all knew each other from school (and all got on), so their relationship progressed really smoothly.

Jay proposed to Claire in August last year and in the September they found the Bahamas 16 weddings competition and decided to enter. They wanted an island that had plenty going on, as they knew that if they won they would want to take their kids with them, so they didn't want a peaceful island. Jay and Claire are quite lively people and love music and dancing so the Junkanoo theme suited them perfectly.

Claire says, "our wedding day was out of this world, I still can't believe how much effort went into organising it and Cora our wedding organiser was amazing. The actual day is still like a blur in my mind, it went so fast but the bit I remember best was when the Junkanoo started and Jay held my hand and we danced on the beach - it was fab!! Everyone got involved and started dancing, I thought it was a really unique way to get married and we absolutely loved it. We also loved the colours that were in the flowers and on the gazebo, and especially the wedding table that was set out for us in a Junkanoo style - it was amazing.

We have come back down to earth with a big bump now, we felt like V.I.P's at the Sheraton and all the staff treated us exceptionally well. We would love to return to the Bahamas but would definitely like to visit some of the other islands, we did manage to go to Paradise Island for the day as we treated our kids to a day in the waterpark. There was so much to do where we stayed, but not enough time to fit it all in so we will definitely return, maybe for our 5th anniversary."

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Claire and James: Mayaguana Island, Bahamas

bridal couple kissing in bahamas

Claire and James from York met through work when they both worked for a large insurance company. James first saw Claire standing near the chocolate vending machine and decided he really liked her. This was in the September and they did not speak until the start of December. After their first date Claire went home and told her mum that she thought he was really nice but he reminded her of someone who would be your gay best friend. But something must have struck her about him because she accepted more dates and they finally made their relationship official on Christmas Day 2004. Since then they have been inseparable. They really enjoy one another's company even if they are just sitting and watching a film with the dog at home!

Claire and James bought a house after 2 years together and settled into their little couple bubble. James supported Claire through University as a mature student and it was in her 1st year of University, on a trip to Dorset, that James proposed. Dorset is a place close to Claire's heart and James could not have made it any more perfect, he took Claire to Poole Park and whilst they were sitting by a large pond, he dropped to one knee and presented her with a gorgeous diamond ring. Through her tears she said Yes! It was just the two of them and a few ducks and when Claire found out later that James had asked her Dad's permission beforehand, it made it even more perfect.

They had hoped to marry on March 22nd 2013 in York with a big ceremony but after struggling financially throughout University, they decided that they would get married abroad instead and ordered a Weddings Abroad brochure from travel agent Kuoni. When it came, Claire opened it and inside was a leaflet announcing the Bahamas 16 Weddings competition. Claire logged onto the website and decided that it might be worth entering the competition. They never thought in a million years that they would win and James was so certain that it wasn't a real competition that he didn't even vote for them!

When Claire received the phone call to tell her that they had won she needed a bit of convincing and when she had finished the phone call she had to go and sit at her desk for the rest of the day and couldn't stop smiling! Claire emailed James at work and he simply replied with a swear word as he did not believe her! That night at home they jumped up and down and then they got our serious heads on as they could not let on to anyone that they had won. When their paperwork came, it all became very real.

Claire says, "our wedding day was amazing, we were very well looked after for our whole stay and treated like royalty on our wedding day. We later found out that we are the first ever tourists to marry on the island of Mayaguana and that makes it feel more special for us. I will never forget James' face as he turned and looked at me once I had walked down the aisle with my sister, his eyes lit up and he said, "Wow, you look amazing" before starting to cry which set me off! We enjoyed every moment of our day and after our Wedding Breakfast we were whisked off to a luxury Villa for the night and following day. Fantastic!

We had such an incredible time and we will remember it forever, everyone has commented on how gorgeous it looked in the Bahamas and they're really not wrong. We have been telling everyone that they must go and see for themselves.

We feel so very lucky and truly blessed for winning the competition. Everyone has been fantastic and we are so grateful to everyone that was involved in all aspects of the planning but mainly to Maria at the tourist board, I'm surprised she did not go mad with our constant questions! It was great to meet the other couples and I am sure that we will all try to stay in touch with one another.

And after 7 and a half years together, it feels great to finally be married!!!!!"

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