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Quickest Way to Get Married if your 2020 Ceremony has been Cancelled

The last few months have been hard on everyone for a variety of different reasons - but especially for couples who were due to get married between March and August, it is heartbreaking, and appreciated that months and years of planning and a lifetime of dreaming of the wedding day have been affected.

Couples who were or are due to marry in 2020 and now find they cannot are looking for alternative venues, where they can still have a wedding, at least become a married couple and do the administrational formalities of starting a new shared life together, even if the parts around it have to be sacrificed, and the day itself is not as originally planned.

But there are a couple of really good options available for you to have a wedding as soon as possible, in fantastic locations, low cost and classy! If you have not considered Getting Married in Denmark or Getting Married in Gibraltar in the past as good European destinations for a wedding option if your 2020 ceremony has been jeopardised - then please do!

Get Married in Denmark

A wedding in Denmark can cost only £675 which includes all fees, taxes, registrar, Copenhagen City Hall wedding, and your international marriage certificates the same day!

What this means is that Summer 2020 is going to be the Summer of love in Denmark, town halls will be working extra to ensure that as many couples as possible will have their special moment, and we for sure will help as many couples as possible. And we can organise you a wedding anywhere from 2 weeks - 4 months from when we submit the application.

There are over 100 Town Halls in Denmark, with City, Town, Island, Beach, UNESCO Heritage site options, and with so many to choose from this means there is not the backlog that is to be found in some locations with 1 town hall, and it is possible to get married in Denmark very very quickly simply by looking at a different Town Hall maybe only 10 minutes away or to get on a direct train from the Copenhagen Central Station.

Logistically Copenhagen, is often the easiest due to the large airport and excellent daily flights, and in addition to Copenhagen City Hall we have venues in and around Copenhagen such as Helsingor, Gentoft, Hellerup, Frederiksberg, Stevns. There is at time of writing good availability in Copenhagen City Hall from July 1st onwards as long as you are not looking for a Saturday.

There are venues such as Aero and Stevns where you can be married in around 48 hours from your approval.
  • The area of Stevns, a coastal location 45 minutes from Copenhagen
  • Frederiksberg, in Copenhagen centre.
  • Ribe/Esbjerg, 3 hours from Copenhagen, 2 hours from the German border.
  • Helsingor, 45 mins from Copenhagen, on the coast line between Denmark and Sweden.
  • Aero Island, 3 hours from Copenhagen by train (very easy journey) and a gorgeous Danish Island
  • Bornholm, 4 1/2 hours from Copenhagen or there are 2 flights per day.
These are to name but a few, but no need to worry there are lots more to choose from.

You can choose the date (venue and ceremony days permitting), witnesses are available on all weekdays, and you have full unlimited support from us to help you with anything else you need such as Photographers, Flowers, Hair, Make up, Restaurant information.

It is required that an application is made to the Danish Government office of Family Law (which your wedding planner/agency will handle completely for you), and in around 5 days your license will be issued if you are approved (your wedding planner/agency will be worth the money as they ensure the files are perfect and always get approved) in around 5 days. Once you have this license you are free to get married, and the license is usually valid for 4 months from the date of issue. In some venues, like Stevns and Aero, once the license is issued it is sometimes possible to marry anywhere from 48 hours from that point.

Wedding dates can be changed as many times as you would like or need (to the expiration of the license) so if you are worried about a set date being a gamble please do not worry - you have complete flexibility.

See full documents for a wedding in Denmark here. Please note that every couple's situation is different so the documents are slightly different, please contact a good agency for a free no obligation list of documents required.

There are no marital or single status documents required and no birth certificates required.

Get Married in Gibraltar

A wedding in Gibraltar is also another great option - especially if you are travelling with a couple of friends who can witness for you - as witnesses are not required at this venue! And it is only £299 for a wedding in Gibraltar, which you can book up to a year in advance.

The sun is always shining, and the sangria is always flowing, it is an amazing place and the Rock is of course always worth seeing with the monkeys!

See full documents for a wedding in Gibraltar here. You are needed to present the original documents the day before your wedding at the latest at the registry office, and sign some notary papers (next door to the registry office). You then go back the following day and get married, but be aware you do need to provide 2 witnesses, and your marriage certificates follow in around 14 days.

So you can be married as quickly as you would like after lockdown in many locations in Denmark and also in Gibraltar! The wedding planners/agencies are still working, and they are the only ones that are able to contact the Government offices and Town Halls during this time of lockdown, so you can get your application and file underway and then if you want or need to move the date, this can be done easily and with no charge.

If you would like a free no obligation documents list and chat about the situation, whether one of these options would work for you, or just to have someone listen sympathetically to your wedding plans, and have someone new to talk to in lockdown then get in touch with Marry Abroad Simply (details below), who can help with both countries.

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