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It can be difficult for a couple to decide to book their wedding with a wedding planner or venue in a different country. Particularly if they haven't met. There's also a trust issue as the couple will be paying large amounts of money to someone they don't know.    

One way to help with this is for the wedding planner or venue to take a deposit by credit card. As credit cards offer customer protection for amounts over £100 and under £30,000, it's one of the most secure ways for a couple to pay and have peace of mind.

Also, by paying at least some of the payment by credit card, the customer is is covered for the entire amount paid in case the wedding provider goes bust. See details here.

For a wedding provider accepting credit cards will incur a small additional cost, however, if by accepting credit cards you gain additional bookings, any fees would more than pay for themselves.

Here at marry abroad we have launched our own payment system, Simple Payment Online, with the lowest fees around. It's simple to use, totally secure, and will enable you to confirm more bookings by asking potential couples to pay a deposit immediately.

You don't have to advertise with us in order to use our payment system.


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