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Top 6 Most Romantic Italian Wedding Destinations

Well known as being one of the most romantic countries in the world in which to get married, Italy has so many exquisite wedding locations that whatever the type of ceremony you'd like, you're bound to find the right location for you.

From picturesque restaurants with views of the coastline, to sumptuous historic villas and castles; from boutique hotels set in the charming countryside of Tuscany and Umbria, to smart city hotels; from luxury wedding venues with no expense spared, to simple rustic hotels and local food, the choice is immense.

Below are just some of the most romantic Italian wedding destinations we've found in this gorgeous country.

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tuscan hills

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Let's start with the beauty of Tuscany. A popular wedding choice, with plenty of stunning wedding locations and venues, Tuscany is the top romantic destination in Italy due to its beautiful rolling hills, lines of tall trees, mild climate and wonderful plethora of pretty historic towns. Ideal for couples looking for a wedding ceremony with a touch of history and charm.

Villas. Getting married in an Italian villa is a classic choice, with some having been the residence of Italian nobility or even of former royals. Most are set in beautifully kept grounds where you can entertain your guests after the ceremony, and many have grand rooms with original features, frescos and intricate detailing. The history of these villas is usually fascinating, but they have all the modern comforts you would expect as well.

Hotel. If a villa isn't quite right for you there's always a hotel nearby with an enchanting view where you can marry surrounded by your loved ones looking out over the countryside. From 5 star deluxe to simple local hotels, Tuscany has a plethora of choice, and best of all, pretty much anywhere you choose isn't far from the famous Tuscan cities of Lucca, Pisa and Florence for some pre-wedding nightlife.

Wedding Planner. Whether you decide to use a wedding planner at your chosen venue, or choose a planner first and find a venue via their contacts, Tuscan wedding planners are some of the busiest in the country so make sure you book well ahead! Although many couples choose to get married abroad to save money, you can also easily have a luxurious wedding in Tuscany and there are plenty of planners here who can help. So if a 5 star wedding is on the cards Tuscany is one of the best places to hold the ceremony.

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Probably the most famous Italian city in the world, Venice does not disappoint if you choose to marry here. Arriving at your ceremony in a gondola is a must, as is having your photo taken with a view of Piazza San Marco behind you.

Venice itself is magical regardless of the time of year you marry, particularly if you don't marry in summer as the city is much quieter and has a more intimate feel out of season. Choose a local Venetian wedding planner to unlock the secrets of this multi-layered city and find the right wedding venue for you.

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Famous capital and city of lovers, Rome's 3000 years' of history can be seen everywhere but merges beautifully with modern everyday life. If you marry here you'll be surrounded by famous sites, delicious food, incredible art and the day to day buzz of a capital city.

Wedding venues are plentiful although not usually cheap, so as long as you're looking for a city ceremony and don't have a miniscule budget you'll be spoilt for choice.

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Southern Italy

The south is not as well known as the north of Italy, but if you're looking for a unique wedding location then have a look here as you're more likely to find a venue others in your circle may not have discovered. Calabria, the "toe" of Italy is one place where you can find such wedding venues, some overlooking the Mediterranean sea, others located in hidden medieval towns.

Or perhaps think of Sicily, an island where you can marry at an ancient temple? The south of Italy has everything the north has, but with a quieter feel.

Italy is such an incredible country for romance and marriage, there's bound to be the perfect location for you in any region! For a quote, or just for more information, click on the contact buttons above and one of our professional wedding planners will be in touch.