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Reduce Your Business Costs

The cost of doing business is an expense which can be difficult to reduce.  Happily there are more and more options out there to help businesses save money, and here at marry abroad we've now launched our own system specifically designed to help wedding professionals reduce their costs.


Nowadays more and more people worldwide are using credit and debit cards to make payments and couples expect to be able to use their cards wherever they are (in June 2018 more people in the UK used debit cards than used cash!) . However, we know that sometimes the charges to accept cards don't make it a viable option for wedding profesionals. We've fixed that.


 Our solution is called MA Pay, it's a new payment system (like PayPal, but cheaper), which is available for all wedding professionals to use to accept credit and debit cards.



 MA Pay benefits:


MA Pay is the easy way to accept payment from your wedding couples. Works across multiple currencies, worldwide.


If you'd like to know more, email us below and we'll send you full info.