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Sprinkle a bit of MAGiC......

Are you a wedding planner or venue?

Would you like to reach more couples without spending any money?

We asked our brides how they would like to pay for their wedding, and the majority said they'd like the option to pay with a gift card.

So we've launched Marry Abroad gift cards (MAGiC), and we'd like you to be part of it.

Why join?

  1. It's a no risk option.  There's no cost to join. So if nobody books with you then you haven't lost any money (they will book though!)

  3. UK destination wedding market access.  You will have access to one of the largest destination wedding markets in the world (the UK!)

  5. Average wedding spend £10-£20,000. Our couples spend on average £10,000-£20,000 on their wedding (which is more than the destination wedding average of £6500)

  7. Pay commission only on part of the wedding. Rather than taking commission on the whole cost of the wedding, we only take commission on the gift card part of it. So if a couple books a £10,000 wedding with you, and they only have gift cards worth £100, then we take commission on the £100. 

What do you have to lose?    Find out more here

MAGiC summary

- Reach more couples

- No risk promotion

- Direct bookings

Marry Abroad background

- 11 years' experience in wedding industry

- Have sent 1000s of wedding enquiries to clients

- Send approx £5.2 million worth of wedding enquries per year


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