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Interview: Patricia from Glamour Algarve Weddings

Patricia became a wedding planner seven years ago, so we asked her about her decision to start her own wedding business in the sunny Algarve.

How did you decide to become a wedding planner?
It came to me in a totally different way, as 7 years ago I didn’t even know that this job existed! I started working at another agency and I fell in love with the job, so, not too long afterwards, I decided to have my own company to start working on what I love with passion.

What's the best part about being a wedding planner?
Its really the relationship that we have with our couples. We have weddings that are booked 2 to 3 years ahead, so its not only a professional relationship. After the wedding we're still in touch with them and receive their baby photos!

Which areas of the Algarve do you enjoy organising weddings in, and why?
As we are planners in the Algarve, sea view venues are the ones that we enjoy most, as we can see that family and friends are having a unique experience, but in general, even the country side of Algarve is unique!

What's the most unusual wedding you've organised?
A wedding with a lovely and romantic couple, already in their 70’s, and I had to organize everything like if it was my own wedding! The couple left all the decisions with me, I was delighted with how the day turned out.

What's the most popular type of wedding you organise?
Most of the couples choose venues that are outdoors and with sea views.

What advice would you give couples wanting to get married in Portugal?
Portugal/Algarve, I believe it is one of the top wedding destinations, it has so many good things to offer. I would advise couples to always get in touch with 2 different planners, and to choose the one that they click with best, and not just to decide on cost. Their planner will be the person they will deal for several months and also their best friend.

Patricia runs Glamour Algarve Weddings

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