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Interview: Anne Kathrine Rasmussen from A Danish Wedding

We asked Danish wedding planner Anne Kathrine Rasmussen to explain why she set up as a wedding planner and why Denmark is the ideal wedding abroad choice.

How did you decide to become a wedding planner? / What inspired you to start your business? I have always loved to work with people from all over the world and when I read an article in one of Denmark’s largest newspapers about the fact that our area in Southern Denmark is the Las Vegas of Europe because so many international couples come here to marry and the document process for these couples are very simple I thought of starting my own wedding agency. There was no one else who had an agency like mine in our area and the tourist agency told me that opening a wedding planner company would be a fantastic idea since so many of these couples needed help in arranging their weddings and their weddingstays. I have an education within tourism and marketing and used to work as a marketing manager for a big travel agency but I have always dreamed of having my own company and becoming a wedding planner.

What's the best part about being a wedding planner? The smiles on the couples faces when they have said “I do” to each other is absolutely the best part. It is also a big thing to help couples get married here – many of them has struggled to get married in their own countries due to bureaucracy so they are very happy when it finally happens here.

Which areas of Denmark do you enjoy organising weddings in, and why? Southern Denmark is my priority – both because I know the area by heart but also because it is one of the most romantic areas in Denmark since we have many historic castles, fantastic seaside hotels, beautiful old towns and wonderful beaches.

What's the most unusual wedding you've organised? That must have been the wedding we had last year in an old Danish mill. The American couple wanted something that was very Danish and also something they would not experience in the USA. It was a very romantic wedding in the old mill.

What's the most popular type of wedding you organise? The most popular type of wedding we organise is weddings by romantic seaside hotels – where the beach is just right in front of the hotel and the couple get married by the water and then afterwards they all have a wonderful reception or dinnerparty at the seaside hotel.

What advice would you give couples wanting to get married in Denmark? My best advice would be that they come during the summer time where we have great weather, blooming flowers and trees and long light days and nights. Also it is very easy to get married in Denmark and especially couples who are of two different nationalities that have a hard time getting married elsewhere – they will find it very easy here.

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Anne Kathrine runs A Danish Wedding, see her talking about Denmark here.

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