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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

We all like a bargain - we all like to feel that we've got a good deal on a purchase, whether its a lipstick or a car. So why not get value for money on your wedding?

Ok, so some people have tons of money to splash out on their wedding. They've saved for years, or perhaps someone else is paying, and they don't want to save money. They want the best and they're going to get it!

That's obviously fine, but in the real world, more and more people are paying for their own wedding and they know that it's only one day. They know that the marriage is far more important than the actual wedding, and they're happy to save some money where they can.

So here are some top tips to save you a bit of cash on your wedding - they may not all be applicable for your day, but some of them could save you quite a bit of cash!

  • - Have a mid-week wedding. You're more likely to get date which isn't 2 years away and most venues will give you a discount as you're filling their venue at a time when they aren't busy

  • - Get a free room or discount. Many venues will also give the bridal couple a free room or a discount if they book a certain number of rooms for their guests, or spend a certain amount at the venue. Not every venue does this but many do so abroad, the Caribbean is a good example where wedding couples can get free rooms etc.

  • - Bring your own fizz. It's quite often cheaper to bring your own drinks to a venue, even with the corkage charge. If you shop around you can often buy drinks in bulk and, despite venues charging to open the wine, you should still make a saving (particularly if the venue's wine is pricey!)

  • - Ask for contributions instead of presents. For a true bargain wedding how about asking your guests to contribute to the wedding instead of a present? Some could bring food, some drink, some provide a party venue, some bring the music? If you don't mind a collaborative wedding day then it could be the perfect way to save money, particularly since food and drink tends to be the part of the wedding which couples spend the most on.

These are just a few tips to help you save money.