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How to Get Married in Turkey

A fast growing wedding destination, Turkey offers some great locations to exchange your vows. Castles, palaces, luxury hotels and some great views over the Mediterranean await you. And there are plenty of wedding organisers here who can help. 

Below are the legalities for marrying in Turkey, to help you plan your ideal wedding abroad.

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Turkey Marriage Law Requirements

What are the legal requirements to get married in Turkey?
Legal age for marriage is 18 years for both men and women. If under 18 years old then parental consent is required.
Bride and Groom may not be related.
Two witnesses are required.
Only a civil ceremony is recognised in Turkey.


How long do I have to be resident in Turkey before I can get married?
There are no residency requirements to get married in Turkey.


Getting a marriage licence
You must obtain an affidavit from a legal representative in your home country stating that you are free to marry.
Certain areas/resorts may require medial examinations/blood tests before the ceremony.


What legal papers do I need to take with me?
Passports with at least 6 months' validity left on them.
Full birth certificates.
Affidavit stating you are free to marry.
Six recent colour photos of the bride and groom.
If you have been divorced then the final divorce papers must be shown.
If you are widowed then the death certificate of your previous spouse must be shown.
Please note: a divorced woman may have to wait 300 days after her divorce before she can remarry.
All documents should be legalised with an apostille, translated by an approved translator and notarised.


Please note: this information is for guidance purposes only and liable to change without notice. Please check with your wedding planner in resort or the relevant embassy of the country in which you intend to marry for up to date details before you marry.


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Turkey Marriage Registrar's Office

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Sadik Ahmet Cad. No:8 Balgat


Turkey 06100
Phone: +90 (312) 292 10 00


Our Turkey Wedding Providers

My Wedding in Turkey by EGG

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Location: Fethiye
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Turkey is a country full of history and at the crossroads of Europe and Asia; it has a rich culture and a lot to offer to a couple who wish to celebrate their love.

We are Turkey's first destination wedding specialists. We have great experience in this field and we have helped hundreds of couples organise the wedding of their dreams in Turkey. As we offer tailor-made weddings, we can be as involved as you want while we offer you the expert help you need.

We will design a tailor-made service to meet your needs and requirements. You will not be rushed about, nor have choices already made for you. You will be presented with alternatives and we will explore different options together until we have put together all the elements of your dream wedding! It is your special day and we will help you every step of the way to ensure that you enjoy every second of it.

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