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How to Marry in Finland

Finnish Lapland makes a great winter wedding choice, especially if you'd like a wedding unlike any other you've ever been to. This northern European country offers weddings year-round, but there's something about getting married in a snow chapel and arriving by reindeer sled to make you tingle with romance. Imagine snow softly falling outside as you say your vows and become joined in marriage - surely there's nothing better?!  

Below are the legalities for marrying in Finland, to help you plan your ideal wedding abroad.

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Finland Marriage Law Requirements

What are the legal requirements to get married in Finland?

Legal age for marriage is 18 years for both men and women.
Bride and Groom may not be closely related by blood.
Two witnesses are required.


How long do I have to be resident in Finland before I can get married?

There are no residency requirements to get married in Finland, although you will need to apply for a marriage licence 2 months before the ceremony.


Getting a marriage licence

Your wedding planner will complete all necessary forms and will submit them to the Town Hall before you arrive.


What legal papers do I need to take with me?

Certified copies of Bride and Groom's passports
Certified copies of Bride and Groom's Certificates of No Impediment. These can be issued by your local Consulate or the registry office where you live. This usually takes 21 days.
All documents above must be stamped with an apostille, be issued no more than 12 weeks before the wedding date, and must arrive in Finland at least 4 weeks before the ceremony.


Please note: this information is for guidance purposes only and liable to change without notice. Please check with your wedding planner in resort or the relevant embassy of the country in which you intend to marry for up to date details before you marry.


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Finnish Lapland Marriage
Registrar's Office

Hallituskatu 5 C,
PO box 8183,
96101 Rovaniemi
Tel: 029 553 9661
Open: Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm and
Friday 9am-4.15pm