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Adventure Wedding in the Ancient Danish Old Hojerup Church

Have you ever dreamed about eloping to a unique, magical location for your adventure wedding abroad? The Old Højerup Church on the island of Zealand could be the perfect location for your dream wedding in Denmark.

The Old Højerup Church located on Stevens Klint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, perfect for your dream adventure wedding in Denmark.

Your Nordic Adventure Wedding

Located a little more than an hour’s drive outside of Coppenhagen, this monumental church is attracting couples dreaming of a small intimate wedding abroad.

Filled with history, wonder, and majestic beauty, what could be more memorable than this ancient church for a romantic wedding location?

Tetiana and Jakub had their Nordic wedding at the Old Højerup Church. Surrounded by the forest and the sea, this couple experienced the essence of a Scandanavian wedding.

Tetiana and Jakub outside of the Old Højerup Church, happily eloping abroad with the Romantic Location Package from Nordic Adventure Weddings.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

This lovely church is right on top of Stevens Klint, a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it even more special.

Stevens Klint is a monumental coastline of white chalk cliffs that stretches on for about 17 km with cliffs that reach up to 40 km and date back to 66 million years ago and along one of the cliff edges is the Old Højerup Church.

Fun Fact: Geologists use Stevens Klint as evidence of the meteorite that hit Earth millions of years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, and caused mass extinction. Stevens Klint offers the best record of the impact and to this day is filled with fossils that show the life that was around at that time.

For couples in love, The Old Højerup Church is simply stunning for small intimate weddings abroad and bride and groom weddings. Its remoteness makes it perfect for couples that are considering elopement abroad.

The Old Højerup Church dates back to the 13th century and was rebuilt in 1913. It is located about 300 meters away from the cliff's edge. When exiting the church, a full seaview awaits.

With Nordic Adventure Weddings, couples can easily get married in this UNESCO location and also create a custom Nordic wedding experience to fit their needs and fantasies.

Surrounded by luscious green vegetation, chalky cliffs, and a beautiful coastline, Stevens Klint is perfect for small intimate weddings abroad.

For couples eloping abroad to get married in Denmark, the white chalk cliffs create a wondrous backdrop for a beautiful moment in time.

A happy couple holding hands on Stevens Klint after their Scandinavian wedding at the Old Højerup Church.

Get Married in Denmark’s Old Højerup Church

Couples and their loved ones will have an unforgettable experience of this romantic location exemplifying the intimacy and closeness of a Scandanavian wedding. The Old Højerup Church is simply the perfect mixture of nature, sea, and history.

Couples will be amazed at the panoramic seaview that awaits them after saying their “I do’s” and exiting the church. The Old Højerup Church located on a cliff is stunning for couples dreaming of a picture perfect adventure wedding.

Civil marriages are also held at this romantic wedding location. The Old Højerup Church is the only church in Denmark permits civil marriages in its space.

Couples from all nationalities and cultures are welcome and can experience the Nordic wedding of a lifetime.

Eloping abroad has never been easier.

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