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Garden Weddings Abroad

Getting married outside is many couples' dream, and there are plenty of countries in the world where you can do such a thing. Garden weddings are a perfect way to get married in a private location outside and keep the actual ceremony away from people wandering by (something you can't do on a public beach!)

warm countries tend to be a great choice for a garden ceremony, obviously having good weather helps with any outdoor wedding, but in a warm or tropical country you also have the advantage of being able to use natural flora and fauna in your ceremony decorations. Local brightly coloured flowers with fragrant aromas are easy to come by and may actually already be growing in your chosen garden. Apart from making your day look and smell great, they can also cut down on the cost of flower decorations!

So, which countries make good garden wedding choices? For a tropical air you could choose the Caribbean or Florida - as long as you marry in their dry season and choose a unique and not mass market venue then your garden ceremony should be easy to arrange.

For a large garden wedding you could choose South Africa and get married in the bush - slightly different to the Caribbean but still in a garden (albeit a very large one!). South African bush weddings are really magical, and you could even see wildlife wandering by as you exchange vows.

In Europe it's quite difficult to have a legal garden wedding as most countries require you to marry under a roof. One option is to exchange vows legally there and then have a blessing outdoors on the same day. This allows you to have the great photos you're looking for but also be legally mr and mrs. One country where the roof requirement is not needed is Gibraltar, so you could always marry in the botanical gardens there (which are beautiful by the way).

Further afield, Australia and New Zealand both allow outdoor weddings and have some magnificent locations for a garden wedding. In Sydney you can marry in the botanical gardens, while elsewhere in Australia you could choose a historical house with private gardens for your special day. Australia actually has a lot of large historical houses, some of which are hotels,and some of which are linked to vineyards, which offer the privacy of a garden wedding combined with excellent quality cuisine and a taste of Australian history.

New Zealand on the other hand, also has some magnificent garden choices, with some having a stunning view of the coast or mountains - a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows in front of maybe?

If you're looking for a garden ceremony far removed from any other then how about considering Japan for your wedding? Japanese gardens are famous the world over for their intricate beauty so what better place to marry than in a perfectly tended Japanese garden with water tumbling from a waterfall providing the background music as you exchange vows on a bridge over a lake with cherry blossom falling as confetti around you and the smell of spring in the air?

As you can see, a garden wedding can be as varied as you like, depending on where in the world you choose. So why not take a look at each country and see which one appeals most to you?! Ireland too has plenty of rustic lakes available for your wedding – look out for a venue close by where you can marry and then celebrate overlooking the water. It's a relaxing way to start married life!

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