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Elope Abroad

Eloping is an evocative word, conjuring up images of young lovers running away to get married against the wishes of their families. These days many couples still elope (i.e. get married without telling anyone*), and more often than not they decide to get married abroad.

So, how is an elopement any different from a "regular" wedding abroad? Firstly, it may be planned in more of a hurry - the couple decide to "run" and marry on their terms. Secondly, there are probably no guests invited, just the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a photographer as a witness?

If you'd like to elope just make sure you choose a country where the paperwork doesn't take much time. That way you can elope and enjoy it without it turning into a regular wedding! All the wedding providers on our country pages are happy to provide an elopement package, and take a look below to see some great eloping destinations.

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Wedding Paperwork

As elopements are generally not planned too far in advance, the main issue tends to end up being arranging the legal paperwork in time.

Many countries require the legal documents to be sent through to them a certain number of months before the ceremony in order to process the marriage licence, so that can rule out a "quickie" wedding.

Eloping Destinations

Countries which make good eloping destinations, with simple paperwork formalities, include:


  • Most Caribbean countries
  • Hawaii
  • Florida
  • Nevada (Las Vegas, capital of elopement!)
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Greece
  • Turkey

Things to Remember

If you're thinking of eloping bear the following in mind before you book a flight:


  • Make sure you have all the required paperwork before you leave.
  • Make sure you aren’t going to regret not inviting your friends and family.
  • Arrange your officiant/celebrant/wedding planner before you go - you want to make sure you get married legally!
  • Don't forget a camera!


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