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Denmark Wedding Packages

Denmark is a country which makes it easy to get married, so if you're looking to have a simple ceremony without the fuss of a big 'do' then take a look below at a selection of wedding packages from our professional Denmark wedding providers.

Experts in how to navigate the paperwork required by the Danish Authorities, our experienced wedding agencies can help both opposite sex and same sex couples get married quickly and easily.

You can buy straight off the page below with your credit card, and the relevant wedding company will then be in touch to arrange the package for you. By paying with a credit card you gain buyer protection from your card company, so it's safer than a bank transfer as your money is protected by the card company.


church in denmark

1. Simply Everything Wedding Service

A premium service where our wedding agency, Marry Abroad Simply, take care of everything for you - from paperwork to venues, travel to catering, florists to music, they can arrange it all.

If you just want to get married and don't want to spend ages sorting out everything, then this is the package for you. Have a stree-free wedding with the Simply Everything Wedding Service!

Buy for €745 Buy for £675



2. Hand Held Service

Submitting the right documents is important in order to have a stress-free wedding experience, and this wedding package makes sure you get the documents right first time round. The package includes:
  • - Help to submit the correct documents, and in the right format, to the Danish Authorities in order to get married there
  • - Advice on which town hall to choose, along with details of the right people to contact.

If you wish to have more wedding help, then the SOS Service from Marry Abroad Simply, is the next level up.

Buy for €295 Buy for £275


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3. SOS Wedding Service

This service is ideal if you need a bit more help with your wedding.

Perhaps you've already started the process but it's not gone as smoothly as you hoped? You can still book this service and our wedding agency, Marry Abroad Simply, will swoop in and sort the paperwork out for you.

Once your ceremony approval has come through then they will advise on venues, check availablilty and book your chosen venue for you.

Buy for €345 Buy for £315