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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

We're often asked about current travel restrictions due to COVID-19, so we've put together some resources to help travellers and people wishing to get married abroad find the most up to date travel advice.

Travel restrictions remain in place for the vast majority of countries around the world, but below you can find links to Government websites which are regularly updated by the local authorities.

As well as travel restrictions there are also health restrictions, with many countries requiring travellers to have a negative COVID-19 test a certain number of days before they board their flight, and often another test after arriving in the country, and/or to quarantine for a certain number of days. 

Please note:
the advice is for people who wish to leave the country they are currently in and travel to another one, not advice by nationality or advice on how to to enter the countries below. We hope this helps you decide where you can currently travel to.

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1. If you are in the UK

The UK GOV website provides travel advice for all countries around the world and is updated daily.

It's the best site to check if you are currently in the UK and wish to travel abroad.

Advice is primarily for British citizens, but if you are a non-British citizen in the UK then the advice can also be useful.

Visit GOV Travel Advice Website Visit UK Travel Corridor Page

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2. If you are in the USA

Unfortunately at the moment many countries have placed restrictions on people in the USA entering.

However, if you are currently in the USA and wish to travel abroad check the link to the US Department of State website below and click on the country you wish to travel to to check the restrictions. 

Visit US Department of State Website

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3. If you are in Canada

Currently Canada advises against all non-essential travel out of the country.

However, Canada will allow certain people to enter the country, mainly Canadian citizens, but the list is very restricted.

Take a look below to see the Canadian Government travel advice.

   Government of Canada Website

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4. If you are in Australia

The Australian Government has strict border controls for international travel and advises people to not travel abroad, except on certain flights to New Zealand.

For full details see the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website below.

Visit Australian Government Website

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5. If you are in New Zealand

New Zealand has closed its borders to international travel, except for limited flights to Australia.

If you are currently in New Zealand you are advised to not travel. See the New Zealand Government website below for more details.

Visit New Zealand Government Website