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What Are Certificates of No Impediment and Apostilles?

Many countries require certain documents before you can get married abroad, and sometimes it takes a little while to obtain them. So make sure you leave enough time to sort the paperwork at home before you get married abroad.

UK couples may need the following documents to get married abroad (depending on the country you're marrying in):

How Do I Get A Certificate of No Impediment?

To obtain one of these you must book an appointment with your local registrar who will ask you if there is no impediment to your marrying. You will swear in front of the registrar that this is true. It then takes 28 days for the CNI to be issued.

If you are getting married in a country which does not have English as its official language then you will need to obtain a certified translation of the CNI and other documents, and they will also need to be legalised to use abroad, before they can be used in the country you wish to marry in. In general, this process takes at least four weeks to translate, legalise and return your documents.

Consequently we recommend you start the process at least three months before the wedding date by booking your appointment with the registrar for then.

Please note also that some countries require a CNI issued within three months of the wedding date, no earlier, which is why we recommend you start the process three months before.

What is A Certificate of Single Status/Sworn Affidavit that you are free to marry?

These are similar to a CNI but instead of swearing in front of a Registrar, you need to swear that you are free to marry in front of a legal representative such as a Notary or Solicitor. The same translation and legalisation requirements apply.


What is an Apostille stamp?

This is a stamp which allows your documents to be used as legal documents abroad. Our Legalisation services will obtain this for you on relevant documents.

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