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50 Reasons to Get Married Abroad

Choosing to get married abroad can be difficult if you feel that your relatives would be upset to not share your special day with you.

But, remember, this is your day, no one else's, so make sure you have the wedding you want, and don't just try and keep your relatives sweet. This should be the one day where you get to call the shots, after all, isn't that the bride's prerogative!

Below are some great reasons to get married abroad - perhaps they'll help you decide where you'd like to marry!

  1. You'd like to escape the relatives
  2. You're on a budget
  3. You're dreaming of combining your wedding and honeymoon into one
  4. You're paying for it and don't want “helpful” advice from Mum & Dad
  5. You'd like to get married outside
  6. You want to marry where you first met (on holiday)
  7. You'd like to marry underwater
  8. You fancy having Elvis serenade you as you exchange vows
  9. You're a citizen of another country and are going home to get married
  10. You'd like to marry at sea
  11. You'd like a safari wedding
  12. Your parents are no longer together and you don't want them in the same room together
  13. You're eloping
  14. It's your second marriage and you don't want to repeat what you did before
  15. It's a spur of the moment decision
  16. You don't want to copy all the other weddings you've been to
  17. You'd like a tropical wedding
  18. You'd like guaranteed sunshine
  19. You fantasise about being Cinderella
  20. You'd like a beach wedding
  21. You want to marry where you went for first steamy weekend away
  22. You want to marry where he proposed
  23. You want to marry where he should have proposed
  24. You want to marry where you proposed
  25. Imagine the fun on the pre-visits....
  26. You could name your children after the place you got married (Florence...Brooklyn)
  27. You are a wannabe WAG (move over Colleen)
  28. Well that's your anniversary trip sorted for the next 40 years!!
  29. It's your third marriage and you've run out of money
  30. Friends and relatives pay for the wedding / honeymoon – so a free wedding!
  31. Escape the unpredictable British weather
  32. Avoid the same old wedding food
  33. Escape the “rules” of traditional weddings
  34. You want to run into the sea with your wedding dress on
  35. You'd like a cruise wedding
  36. You'd like your wedding transport to be a sleigh
  37. You'd like to get married on skis
  38. You're a hopeless romantic
  39. You want to marry at a famous landmark
  40. You love the wedding traditions of another country
  41. You want to consummate your marriage in an unusual place....
  42. You're learning a foreign language
  43. You want your money to go that little bit further
  44. You're going on holiday so you might as well exchange vows while you're there
  45. You'd like to get married in a bikini
  46. You'd like to marry in a palace
  47. You're gay (some countries offer gay marriage)
  48. You can't be bothered with lots of paperwork (marry in Vegas)
  49. You'd like a bungee jump wedding
  50. It's your day, so you'd like to marry exactly where you want to!