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Weddings in the UK

A UK wedding can be as varied as one overseas. There are many more venues licenced to hold weddings these days, and long gone are the days when you had to marry in a town hall or religious venue. Whether you are looking for a glamourous city wedding in London in a 5 star hotel, a rustic country wedding with your reception in a pub, a Scottish castle ceremony, a seaside wedding (not on the actual beach though as you have to get married under a roof), a Welsh wedding in the hills or a historic house ceremony, you can have one in the UK.

UK wedding season tends to be May to September to make the most of the milder weather (although rain can never be prevented!). And some venues can be sold out on a Saturday for a couple of years ahead. There is a trend now to hold your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday instead, partly as it's cheaper, and partly to get an available wedding date. read more

Most UK venues which hold weddings have an in-house wedding planner who can help you with everything, although there are plenty of independent planners who also work across a portfolio of venues. UK planners are some of the most professional in the world, so you'll be in good hands.

Marriage Laws in the UK - view here


Venues and Planners who Accept MAGiC Gift Cards

We also offer gift cards to help pay for your wedding ceremony. The UK wedding providers below accept our wedding gift cards, just click on the image to see more information. 
If you would like more info on MAGiC please email us  here.


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