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Weddings in Gibraltar

If you'd like to have a wedding abroad, but would also like to get married easily, then Gibraltar is a good choice. It's simple to marry here, the paperwork is in English so no translations required, and it's actually quicker to marry here than it is in the UK!

Located at the southern tip of Spain, overlooking Morocco, Gibraltar is the UK in the sun. With year-round sunshine and warm weather, its famous Rock dominates the territory (you can actually get married on top of the Rock, which gives you a spectacular view over the sea to Africa), with plenty of the equally famous Barbary Apes roaming around at the top. read more

Popular locations in Gibraltar to get married include the Botanical Gardens and, for a simple ceremony, the Registry Office. Famous couples who got married here include Sean Connery (twice), and John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Gibraltar Marriage Laws

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings

Location: Gibraltar
Business Type: Wedding Planning Company
Contact: Chamaine Cruz

Over the years, Sweet Gibraltar Weddings have arranged more than 600 weddings. Between 2015 and 2016 alone they assisted over 400 couples, who came from all around the world, to tie the knot in Gibraltar.  

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings make it simple for you. They guide you every step of the way and the best part is, the marriage certificates issued in Gibraltar are then recognised globally. 

4 interesting facts from Sweet Gibraltar Weddings:

  • They have direct contact with the Registrar and all venue representatives. They meet with them, in person, on a daily basis;
  • They deal with the best florists, makeup/hair artists, bakers etc;
  • They provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including bank holidays);
  • Unlike other companies, they are the only Wedding Planning Company to be located in Gibraltar that deals “exclusively” with weddings at the Rock, and all of their packages include “no hidden fees”.

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