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Weddings in Denmark

Denmark has some of the simplest wedding laws in Europe, and is often known as the Las Vegas of Europe for that very reason! It's the most southerly Scandinavian country, and is made up of hundreds of islands, with the capital Copenhagen on its largest island.

The country is covered with castles, forests, sandy beaches, small fjords, lakes and islets, all of which make stunning wedding locations. If you'd like to get married outdoors by a lake or sea and then celebrate in a hotel or castle nearby then you can do this here. Or perhaps you'd prefer a beach wedding – Denmark is one of the few places in Europe where you can do this (just make sure it's in summer for better weather!). read more

The capital city, Copenhagen, is similar to Venice in that it's set around a network of canals, and due to this you can get around the city easily without a car – boats and bikes are very popular here. Copenhagen is also excellent for wedding venues, you could exchange vows on a boat, marry in a garden surrounded by flowers, or perhaps have your wedding in a baroque manor house - whatever you choose Denmark really does makes a fantastic wedding location, and our wedding providers below will definitely agree.

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