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Weddings in Austria

Have you ever dreamt of a fairytale wedding abroad, perhaps in a castle with turrets?! Ever thought that Austria may be the perfect destination to make those romantic wedding dreams come true? Well it definitely could be. Austria is a stunning country filed with alpine scenery, those fairytale castles and plenty of picturesque villages, all just waiting for you to choose the right one for your wedding abroad.

Some romantics choose to get married in Vienna or Salzburg with their winding streets and gabled houses lending an olde worlde air. Vienna has a history of music and the arts, which, combined with its ornate buildings and palaces, makes it an atmospheric choice for your wedding abroad.

Salzburg, meanwhile, is perfect for a winter wedding as it feels like Christmas year-round with its narrow streets, wooden buildings and cobbled streets. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it's so pretty, and is close to the Alps and several lakes all of which make ideal wedding locations.   read more

However, if you don't want a city ceremony then there are plenty of other destinations in Austria available - wedding planners there offer a really wide choice of packages. From summer weddings in an alpine meadow, to winter weddings in a ski resort, from ornate weddings in a castle, to simple weddings in the snow – there's a multitude of ceremony choices in Austria for your wedding abroad.

Take a look at our Wedding Providers in Austria below for more information.

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SagJA Austrian Wedding Planners

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Location: Lakes and mountains region near Salzburg
Business Type: Wedding Planners
Contact: Gabi and Petra

We would like to  introduce our wedding planning and event company “sagJA” and "", located in the Salzkammergut in Austria, to you. SagJA - which means, "I do" in Austria - was established by Gabi Socher in 1999 and is Austria’s first wedding planning company. From the beginning Gabi had the pleasure of taking part in the development of the Austrian Wedding world. Together with her team of sagJA wedding planners, she feels blessed, having organized over 450 weddings.
Warmheartedly and fully committed, we love to create unforgettable wedding moments at beautiful and secret locations, and to share ideas for personalized indoor or outdoor wedding ceremonies in picturesque parks, on mountaintops or by lakes - including the splendid civil registry office in the historic lake castle (unique in Austria). Whether elegant and extravagant or more traditional - endless opportunities are waiting for bridal couples to celebrate unique weddings, engagement, anniversaries and vow renewals… We are here to inspire you, Gabi and Petra.   

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WIV Weddings in Vienna

wedding in vienna

Location: Vienna and Eastern Austria
Business Type: Wedding Planning
Contact: Katrin Nielsen

We are Wedding Planners based in beautiful Vienna and we specialize in weddings in the city and also the rural eastern region of Austria. Our clients come from all over the world and want to enjoy a day to remember without any hassle and stress and this is exactly what we offer! We organise a wedding according to your wishes without you having to come to Austria prior to the date.  
No matter what ideas you have in mind, from a small intimate wedding, to a unique celebration in a castle, we source the right venue and take care of all aspects related to the wedding. We also offer packages at pre-selected locations which we introduce on our website. All types of ceremonies are possible!
Nowadays where communication around the globe is as easy as talking to your neighbour, we can work closely with you and stay in permanent contact, in order to organise the unforgettable wedding you dreamed about!

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Weddings by Kajsa

Location: St Johann
Business Type: Wedding Planner
Contact: Kajsa Reisenbauer

Get married in Tirol – the heart of the Austrian Alps.
Celebrate your wedding in or around the world famous, beautiful town of Kitzbühel.
Your wedding day is such an important day for you and your guests, why not make it an unforgettable experience in the Kitzbühel Alps. We can offer you something very special, the perfect setting and the very best personal support to prepare for the ‘Big Day’. Kajsa Reisenbauer is a professional wedding planner and has chosen to devote all her energy to the Kitzbühel area, so that she is able to take care of all the elements of your wedding.
Kajsa’s creativitity, her specialist knowledge and relationships with the local suppliers and authorities, and because she cares so much means that everything will be taken care of and you can simply concentrate on your celebration.

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