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7 ways Destination Wedding Planners can use Social Media

These days Social Media has come of age, it's now not really optional for any company (particularly wedding planners) to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. - if you don't post content on a regular basis you'll be left behind by the many wedding companies which do.

Couples have so much choice when it comes to finding a wedding provider that if you don't post any content/much content, then couples have nothing to look at when they are deciding who will organise their wedding and are more likely to choose one of your competitors.

Using your Facebook business page, Twitter feed, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to share insights into your business is a major way for couples to get to know you virtually and to decide if you're the right wedding provider for them.

But, even if you have those accounts, it can be difficult to decide what types of updates to post on them. But worry no longer, below we have some suggestions as to what to post and why.

1. If you arrange weddings for overseas couples, then how about sharing updates about your country to all engaged couples? Tips about local wedding customs, weather trends and legal tips, would all be helpful for couples as they don't know your country half as well as you do, and it may entice them to plan their wedding in your country (ideally with you!)

2. Showcase your work. Social Media is a great place to show potential couples your previous weddings, and show them on a regular basis, ideally just after the couple got married. And, if you can put up a short video of each couple's wedding ceremony to your YouTube/Facebook, then even better!

3. Testimonials. These are one of the best ways to convince new couples to book you and sharing these on Social Media increases your value to potential couples. Even better, if you can ask your previous couples to do a short video testimonial then that's even more powerful.

4. Live streaming. Facebook Live is being used by many, many businesses these days as it's a quick, easy way to get content across to your followers. You could do a live video showing "behind the scenes" aspects of your business? Or perhaps live stream a couple actually getting married (make sure they're ok with that though!)? Videos are saved to your Facebook page and can be watched later, and people can comment on it when you're live.

5. Wedding tips/FAQs. Some of these may be useful worldwide, but you could also post tips which you'd like your own couples to know. They could be things like; how far ahead you need to have the couples' documents, when's the best time to book the venue, how much the deposit is etc.

6. Funny things that have happened during previous weddings you've organised/ unusual requests from previous couples. This gives potential couples an idea of how you overcame any problems/made the impossible happen, and shows that you have a sense of humour.

7. Interview yourself. This may sound strange, but if you interview yourself, either on your blog and share on social media, or do a Facebook Live interview, then you're showing the real person behind the company. It's a fact that people buy from people. You need to build trust, and if your potential couples like you, and like what you say, then they're more likely to book your services.

We hope this has been helpful to you. If you'd like to discuss options for your social media channels then just contact us below.

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